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Exactly what you deserve


So; this just happened at around 4300 trophies. I’m here through a series of miraculous wins with an average dinosaur level of 20 owed more to random chance and deliberate arena droppers than anything else. I find myself facing a level 21-24 team, and things aren’t looking good. It takes me 2 dinos to beat their level 24 Spinotasuchus, the second succumbing to bleed, and they only need 1 more kill. My pyrritator is able to take out their tryostronix in the head to head but is now 1 hit from death. Out comes a higher level monomimus, so I know I’m screwed. All I can do is swap in to sarcorixis, and they null impact into my shield and get rid of it. Distracing Impact drops my attack so even with a boosted strike I only do about half health, and I’m one strike away from death. This is game.

Except the other guy decides to showboat and goes for evasive stance. My impact hits through the evasion and that gives me the game. While I’m sure the next time I log in and battle I will get crushed by the next guy I face, that was I think exactly what the guy deserved.


Maybe he selected it by mistake and was raging furiously for doing that.

Been there, done that.


Or when you accidentely hit rampage instead of short defence when facing an indom cloak and watch as you get destroyed knowing you’re opponent is killing themselves laughing


I mean… I guess that’s possible, but the thing is the 2 buttons are at opposite sides to each other, also there was a noticeable pause like he was thinking. If it was a mistake then I apologise to whoever it was, but I dont really think it was.


I did that several times first time I started playing with Tryo. Hit RTC instead of FI. :woman_facepalming:


For me, with certain creatures, I know the pattern of what to press. Except that when my opponent has Distracting move I keep hitting Slowing Impact instead of Superiority Strike. Just a habit.


Is it possible that they didn’t think they could finish you off with their base attack, given your armor? Based on the sequence of attacks, they only had the base attack and evade left as options. If they couldn’t finish you off with the base attack (unless they got lucky and got a crit), maybe they thought the odds were better to try to evade and get one of their better attacks on the next round.

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That’s true… Mimus base attack isn’t strong and Sarco has armor…

Also, I’ve selected the wrong move countless times even when they were separeted because I was distracted by something or someone…


I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve hit the wrong attack and wanted to take it back milliseconds after lifting my finger up.


I had around 300 health and they were level 21. Sarcorixis only has like 15% armour; they were definitely killing if they used strike.


Maybe the opponent thought you might bring in a tank? But you may be right, s/he may have just made a mistake and lost because of it.

I do that sometimes… and cringe when I think what impression I must have made :roll_eyes:


If you read my post you’ll see; they saw all 4 of my dinos


Maybe they have a giant puppy (like me, Akbash) or kid that jumped on them while they were hitting the button? Or they were otherwise distracted.

Can’t count how many times that has happened. I’m sure the the other person was pretty happy with the outcome.


No, I didn’t realize that, and I don’t always keep up with the opponent dino count during the heat of battle :confused:

The point is, yes, we sometimes defeat ourselves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re incompetent… just human :wink:

P.S. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe this just made my opponent (not enemy) happy and broke a long losing streak :slightly_smiling_face: