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Example of unbalance in the arena

Hi, :slight_smile:
I have made this topic so we can see a difference of power between 2 creatures of the same RARITY or variety.
If you have some example here,they are clearly welcome

For example:
Armagosaurus and giraffatitan

Giraffatitan have 450more hp,+4 speed,+15% critical chance,+10% armor ,a swap in slow and immunity to slow,stun and swap prevention while armagosaurus have nothing.Coupled with a rampage while armagosaurus have nothing and here we are.
A perfect example of 2 creatures of the same rarity,getting the same role but with a huge difference in their power.

T-rex and Allosaurus gen2.

Allosaurus gen2 have +600hp,-100dmg,+3 speed,+10% crit chance,have 2 immunity :to DoT (why a chomper have this?) and to vulnerability while T-rex have none,A cleanse chomping ability and a rending attack while T-rex have only DS abilities.
Another example how alloG2 is far better than T-rex while they have the same rarity and fill the same roles.

Wooly rhino and sinoceratops

Maybe those both are not completly the sames instead of the 2 before,but by looking their ability,they fill the same roles.
Wooly rhino have +500dmg,+1200hp,+1 speed,-15% armor,An impact where sino have a strike,he don’t have an ability to stun and miss an ability to speed up and regen,but he have an immunity to DoT (where the hell does it came from?) and to vulnerability.
So ,by far ,wooly rhino is better.


Well they all have different roles to play in the arena and some might counter others but thats part of the game

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Also they are different rarities and for example Woolly Rhino is broken and Allo2 got a buff and that’s ok.

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Are you sure?
Trex and alloG2 both are chompers design to beat anything armored or shielded.For me,they fill the same roles.
As armagosaurus and giraffatitan,both are huge hp tanks design to slow the opponent :slight_smile: But there is clearly a difference between their powers.


T-Rex is made for raw damage, Allo2 is made to be more tactical and more op. Amarga is trash and you wouldnt even use Giraffa anyway. The low creatures have a huge range of power but when you go up to like Legendaries and Uniques it’s more rock-paper-scissors

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why not? (10)

There are much better tanks in the low arenas, like Brachi, Brontolas, Dippy, etc.

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I talk about same rarities to fix the tourneys.
Of course,i won’t play giraffa at 5500 trophy.
But if i lvl up some dinosaurs for TOURNEYS,i would them to have equal chances as some others to be useful.
About T-rex and allo2,allo2 is a RAW DAMAGER + A tactical.
He is basically a stronger T-rex.There is no debats about that:IT IS A FACT
The ladder became mostly boring,even if you spend all your boosts on some monsters,you will win at the very least +400 of the monthly reward.
So,all my bets start to go on advantages tourneys.
And for that,i would like the game to be “balance”

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allo g2 does need a hp nerf but that would solve it.

The first one is a valid point. Giraffititan is basically better in every way. The next 2 aren’t, and here’s why. First, while allo gen 2 is better than rex, rex has a better turn 2. Rex does 3800 attack with a rampage while allo does a maximum of 3600. If you don’t have impact up, then you can’t 1-shot a secondonto like rex can
Then for sino vs rhino. Yes, rhino is better, but sino has a priority stun and the ability to regenerate hp after it is on the field, so it’s not unbalanced. They fill different roles. Sino is more swap-heavy while rex is better after the setup


Yeah but it’s easier to make, when you don’t have any epic Giraffa is the best tank.

If you take all 1vs1 probability.
Rex loose often more matchup than alloG2 do.
Because the difference of the stats and ability (and resistance) are too huge.
What you tell me about secondo of course can happen,but it is situational.

For sino and rhino,they have too many commons point.
And i don’t see many cases where sino is better than rhino.

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You want to set up rex. That’s its whole strategy, so it’s not just situational. It’s every rex user’s goal

The problem is, even a set up Rex can be easily countered by any cunning creature

A setup rex is in the same boat as Allo g2 vs a distracter bc the rampage cut in half is 1× and allog2s cleansing strike is 1× but T-rex has more base damage

Giraffa is a bit too strong but I think Amarga is underpowered here.

Allo G2 is just absurd. He’s almost as bulky as sauropods, can cleanse distraction (countering creatures who should counter him) and is immune to DoT for whatever reason. And ofc he’s faster than other chompers.

Rhino has just too much attack.

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But it still does better than allo gen 2

Girffatitan is a brachiosaur and not a medium sauropod so it SHOULD be different from Argentino, Baja, and Armarga, but not so different to outright outclass them.

I agree,maybe he should have more health than giraffa…
I mean diplodocus?6000hp
When come argentino and armagausaurus,they even have less than giraffa and nothing to compensate it.
Before,it got one decelerating rampage and more hp but ludia think it was a good idea to nerf it.

About AlloG2,yeah,his abitilies are just absurds.

Totally agree on the Rex vs. Allo G2 argument… Allo G2 should not have immense bulk, resistances, a cleansing move, AND higher speed. If anything, Allo G2 needs a nerf and Rex needs some stat buff/resistance to keep her relevant. Rex could gain 200 health, 100 attack, and resistance to stun.