Example of why dodge was changed!

Some of you may have seen this video I made last patch showing how much dodge could swing a match due to pure luck and not strategy, but for those who haven’t seen it enjoy.

Oh btw ignore my laughing I had only even been on the receiving end of such a situation, never the one doing the dodging lol.

Oh and take note of Erlidoms health :wink:


I still don’t see any issue in the video. Someone who has a problem with thor could make a video where thor kills their whole team with crits and say that’s an example of why thor should be changed?


Point was that matches shouldn’t be totally swung purely by luck. RNG needs to play a role of course but not change the outcome entirely.

With the enemy Utahsino being faster he should have been able to do some serious damage to my team, but due to dodging, which was entirely luck, not my skill, I ended up nearly soloing 2 of his dinosaurs!

Edit: Now imagine if it was something stronger than Monomimus like Indoraptor for instance, with that many dodges it could have soloed their team!


Oh and did you noticed Erlidoms health said “LOL” haha!

I still don’t get why that is a problem, but thors soloing isn’t. It’s the same damn thing with rng. And I still much rather lose to someone dodging, at least I had 50% chance to do something, than watching my team go down in 3 turns by thors crits.


I agree that Thor crit chance is way too high and should be 20% like Allosino!

The thing is these battle type games are supposed to be won via skill and strategy. Its when no matter how much strategy they use when they cant hit a Dino to do damage it causes problems.

Edit: and in the match in the video I used no skill, I just literally pressed evasion and laughed, literally.

Thor crit chance is not really a big deal. Whether it hits 4k or 5k is not gonna make your dino live much longer :slight_smile:
With dodge you still had a chance to do something about Thor, now an Indoraptor still doesn’t stand a chance.
So yeah, dodgers are gonna be extinct soon, and speedy distractors will rise.


Yeah I would be laughing too. Pushing a button and not thinking is how most people play this game. I also love how you are making it sound like dodge is 100% sure to happen.

Well whatever we all think about dodge in general, Ludia clearly found enough data to support a change otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered =/

Well whats done is done, and now we just need to adapt. I myself have 3 dodgers on my team.
Edit: Erlidom, Indominus and Indoraptor!

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Same if I was playing yahtzee and got 5 of them in a row, I would be laughing. The person I was playing with probably wouldn’t, but would get over it. And if that person would start crying that I’m not playing fair and demands that I only play with 4 dices then there is no way for me to get yahtzees anymore. And if you think that is fair I’m once again left speechless.

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Also with how many new distractions and such are coming into the game, immune dinosaurs like Indom and Erlidom (both dodgers) will still be handy for their inability to be distracted, Stunned and bled!

Never had more than one. Too much is left to chance when you rely on the dodge.
Still using Indoraptor. It’s fast and has enough hp to hit a few blows, and against some dinos the dodge is still somewhat useful. I’m not sure how long I can keep it though…

I understand Ludias reasoning to nerf dodge, because RNG chance of crit and dodge leaves way less to chance now. Nevertheless, 33% damage is too much imo. Should be more like 20%. Either that, or also increase dodge chance to 66%.


You mean like they gave us a lot of dodge counters that people never started to use?

Well I supposed in the coming weeks and months they will be watching the data to see if it was an over-nerf, if it was they can always make changes as you suggested. Nothing is set in stone so for all we know it could change!

I don’t see a total reversion to 100% damage reduction on dodge though!

New creatures are often not used. Costs too much time to catch up with the rest.

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Yeah which is why what he said makes no sense.

Yep or the DNA is arena exclusive, and since 1.7 arena was Chernobyl in terms of toxicity nobody wanted to battle, myself included.

But now it should be better hopefully.

Im sure the new dinosaurs will slowly make their way into teams. I myself am close to unlocking the new Tany unique and Erlikopsyx which are both going on team. I also have Tarkus on team and the Diplo distractor!

So once again people didn’t even want to have a counter for dodgers in their teams, but now they are willing to take these new hybrids in… So clearly dodge was never a problem.


Problem was that RNG in general needs to be fairly balanced, however it been shown that a string of dodges can swing the flow of a match much more than all the other RNG elements in the game.

I battled a lot, got 700 increase in trophies :slight_smile: your loss!

I’m still struggling to get 6 unique incredients to 20… Just started on Maxima and Pterovexus, but Spinonyx, Pteraquetzal, Koolabourgiana, Darwezopteryx and Diplodocus are stuck at 18/19 still… Guess I’m stuck with my current team for a bit :slight_smile:

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