Excess of h-carnivores

I my opinion, there is an excess of hybrid carnivores added into the game and if it wasnt enough, after allonogmius, you guys are going to add another hybrid carnivore into the game (some kind of glyptodon and carnivore hybrid). I think there is an unballanced number of carnivores in tha game and adding more variety of types will make the game more rich in content. Even if is not a competitive game i think that we will have to see more variety (pterosaurs or amphibians).

Anyway thanks for keep it on date this game. Sorry for my english… ^^


Tell them @LIED , tell them !
I don’t want to disappoint you but this is a long time request of this forum and as it seems we have no response from Ludia.

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Welcome @LIED, complaints about this from several members of this forum are going on for months, but every additional voice is welcome.

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Noted, LIED. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks guys ^^