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Excess Superhybrid DNA: Any Ideas?

Whether we are veterans who have a dumptruck of extra Indoraptor G1 or just anyone who happens to hit larger-than-necessary fuses at the end of their quest to get one to level 30, we all eventually run into the problem of having DNA which literally does not have any benefit.

So, Ludia, any of your development team care to weigh in on this? Coin compensation? A trade-swap that spits out random non-hybrid DNA based on how much you put into it? Something else?

Obviously, there would have to be some kind of “depending on the rarity level of the DNA in question” and would ONLY work with creatures which have met the level 30 requirements to avoid abuse.

As it stands, it’s really not fun to look forward to events which will give you something you literally cannot use (Ardentismaxima championship really drained any enthusiasm straight into the toilet as far as my personal investment was concerned, your experience may vary).

I understand that, with everything the way it has been going, it’s certainly not going to be a priority for now but I would like to hope that changes going into the future once things are settled down.

I don’t know what would be a solid balance between people not just fusing excess on purpose to profit off a system that’s too generous vs the possibility of a system being infuriatingly insulting to offer the most paltry of compensations. Perhaps this can be discussed to find a happy medium.

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I have 500 extra ADN of Ardentismaxima :joy:

Be able to trade:
Epic DNA at Level 13
Legendary DNA somewhere between Level 13-20
Unique DNA at Level 20

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what about raising the level of maxed out dinos then players like you and me who have grinded daily for over 2 years to aqquire these hard earned dinos get even more reward wouldnt it be nice to have a level 33 indo or a 35 deus!!! it would be fair to,if some one has spent the time and effort darting all
that dna why they can’t put that hard word to there advantage, why not lift the lvl 30 max to say 40! then the fun in arena would really begin !!! but i agree with you there should be some reward for all the hard work

Heck no. I could easily max out my team just by my teammates’ help that would be too op.

yeah i have 500 extra maxima too. probably 500 dilo after this tournament as well.
400 ardonto would have been more useful than 400 maxima this last tournament.

should do like clash royale when you have a card maxed and give you coins instead of DNA.
the key is you can not fuse to get extra coins, you’d only get it from rewards (prizes, incubators, etc.)

but ludia… :man_shrugging:


You mean like taking the credit card and buying an obsene ammount of boost?

How about make it fair and be able to turn the unused dna back into its components or coins. So let’s say you have 100 extra tryko dna. You could turn it into x amount of rex dna or coins something like this?


What? No. But I could easily multifuse a easy to get unique and trade it for for example Gemini or Lania

I agree, but I think you should get only like half that DNA and coin back, so you couldn’t really play with it. Maybe losing half is too harsh, it should be more like losing 25%

Just like You easily could use a credit card to Buy boost and have an instant advantage over otherd, this idea isnt broken, boost where broken an people still play, if those didnt kill the Game nothing else will

I think this is where skins would have been a good idea… Though I’d like this for everything including non-hybrids.