Excessive chat filter?

Is anyone else having chat issues?


I want some snow

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I agree … this chat filter is atrocious and hinders team conversations almost to an incommunicable degree.

Is there a way to tone this down … or even turn it off @Ned ?


Any other time my messages dont show up.

Enjoy the updates, but at some point they gotta fix the broken stuff, not just add more problems

I’ve got to where I don’t even bother chatting on there now. More of a PIA with less than half the post showing up and the other half being filtered out. Way to go Ludia in mess that up too.

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Snow is probably a trigger word. So is discord and Facebook/fb

Certain words are triggers for no reason. We found by typimg d i s c o r d gets around it. Sp does “fake book”

I’m guessing it’s the phrase ‘I want.’ Their rules stated about no begging.

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Hey Hersh, thanks for bringing this up to us. Our team is still making some tweaks to the filter in the alliance chat. Please bear with us as we work on improving this.

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can i rise this topic from the grave?

this filter should not exist. game is already rated 16 years old in my country.

but if Ludia really want it, how about i know what word is not allowed? non native english people like me maybe don’t know other dirty translations.

what’s wrong with “but”?
i don’t know what dino was, but it was a legendary.
if “but” means some dirty word, my translators and dict don’t show me.


months ago i couldn’t type the word “gamer”, so i started to use “player”.

show us the word not allowed, so we don’t need to change sentences dozen times, guessing…


Unwanted and unnecessary censorship is evil.
Shutting people up causes revolutions, you know :slight_smile: People will find another way to say what they want.
If you want to ban words like Facebook, then people will just write “fb” or something else. You’re not helping anyone, you’re just annoying users who have no bad intentions. Even cursing shouldn’t be censored in my opinion, and users should have the choice themselves to have that censored or not. I don’t like to be treated like a 10 year old.