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Excessive losing

So I’ve consistently been around 3800-4000 in trophies for a long time. Level 15. Diverse team. Mostly legendaries and level 18s-22s.
I have been on an epic losing streak. Like I’m in the swamp losing to level 12 players and dinosaurs that are weaker continuously.

If I play my husband in a friendly battle I can typically beat him and his trophy count is where I normally am upper 3000s. (So our battle skill level is the same).

I mean I can be using a legendary level 19 and get beat by an epic or lower at a level 16. It’s almost comical the ability or hitting crits and opponents’ ability to dodge vs me.

I mean it seriously feels like the game has decided for me to continue to lose. I’m not playing any different. I don’t need advice for playing. It’s not my error. I’m good at battles but all of a sudden I can’t beat a level 12 using a Utah raptor and level 17 Indoninous. Nope my indo can’t take them. Just an example.

Thanks for letting me vent. Any solutions for potential bugs? Resetting my game? Something is going on.


That has happened to me before. It’s likely all in my head, but what I sometimes do is swap out a dino or two on my team and it feels like it shakes things up. Shortly after that I switch things back and go from there…


This happens to me then I climb back up, get just short of 5k then lose a ton again. It can be frustrating if you let it, I just try to do “fun” things and ride it out. Throw an oddball Dino in or make a team of SIA dinis and see what you can do.


They just started another tournament, resetting the leaderboard above 4500.

Points are a currency.

When the front runner wins, the player he beat looses points, and pushes him down in the rankings.

The front runners were far above 4500, and are at this point, far above 4500 now. They got those points from players below them.

This is why I want to opt out of these ridiculous tournaments every few weeks.

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When did the tournament start? But my husband is around the same number of trophies and like I said we are pretty close skill wise.

It starts Monday afternoon

I don’t think it’s the tournament. Doesn’t explain why the hubs is doing normal.

I just have to deal with it until the game decides I can win again. I even told my husband to just play under my account and see how nuts it is!!

I’ve been having really bad luck for a few days too hovering around 4500. I’ve been “collecting creature DNA” to build confidence of some type. My encounters seem to always have a better team, but sometimes have a team that I should have easily been able to beat. Don’t let it frustrate you is the main thing. When I mix things up with my team I get out of sync with things and it makes it harder, for me anyway. Also facing uniques that I haven’t before is challenging even when you are familiar with their move set. Good luck, hope things improve :slightly_smiling_face:

Happens to everyone eventually… Unfortunately luck is a big part of battles in this game… If RNG isn’t on your side, try not to depend too much on stuns or cloak. (I know, that’s easier said than done)

Losing streaks happen to everyone in the game. Sometimes you have bad luck with the matchups and sometime you have good ones. For example, if you average trophy count is around 4000, you may have good luck and get to around 4200+, then you will start to face opponents that are strong for what you have, then probably you will end up going back to 3800. But you will start winning again once the opponents got easier.

Luck here doesn’t only mean your I Rex doesn’t cloak or getting excessive critical hits and stuns. Most of the time it’s about the lineups you have in your battle and whether the opponent happened to roll the counters. Moreover, you can get matches with players that are a few hundred trophies above you and they simply have stronger dinosaurs.

As long as you’ve tried your best and hunted continuously, you should be able to progress gradually in the long run. Nothing to worry about as it happens to all players. Wish you good luck on your next battles! :grin:


The PvP is the most outstanding aspect of this game. However, as many have pointed out, most times, it depends on luck. For instance, a higher level dinos may got beaten by a much lower dinos due to luck i.e. Stuns, Crits and Dodges.
Besides, I have observed that lately, the game selects the lowest level dinos from your chosen 8 to battle, most of the times. And the worst combo too.
So, for me it is not really about your skills. Oftentimes it is about luck…


Guarou is 100% correct. No matter where you are streaks happen. Maybe you could post your team for advice?

Man come on the game does not select the lowest levels dinos for you. You folks take single observations and create the grandest complaints ever.


So going from 4000 to just over 3300 is normal in two days? Little excessive. And I get the game. I’ve had winning streaks and losing streaks. My point was it was super excessive.

I understand… on Dec 6 I reached 5,105 trophies (rank 392 on the LB) and the next day started a losing streak that ended up costing me > 600 trophies! All of a sudden, nothing worked (except for the opponent - every time). How is this even possible?

I didn’t just forget everything I learned since May! Granted, I tried out a new team member (Dioraja), but after losing 200 trophies switched back to Pyrritator… and kept on losing! No matter what I did or whom I played, I just couldn’t win.

I realize luck got me > 5,100 at the time, but losing > 600 trophies is more than an expected correction. Something doesn’t seem to be right…

Just know you’re not alone, I sure hope the devs are paying attention!

GL, you will win again! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I’m back > 4,900 - and tomorrow will lose trophies for the tournament. But at least not to RNG!


Yeah. It is harsh when it happens. I mean I hadn’t been below 3600 in a long time and to keep dropping and dropping past that. It’s nuts! I know there are times I have played and I win every time and I think that’s the game- giving me Crits, and dodges etc bc I can see it’s biased in my favor. I don’t know enough about how the game works but I think enough have felt how the games can sway in your favor or swing against you dramatically. It’s like you said. ‘I didn’t just forget what I have learned since May!’


I’ve never been a part of the tournament. Sorry to sway away from the post a bit but have wondered how it works. Do players get set back to where they were or have to work back up from 4500?

It seems like you have to have 5+ levels on something before it starts making an actual difference in combat, even then, it’s not domination mode by any means.

I remember when I first started playing, I was really suprised how little my dinos changed per level.

Maybe if levels ment a lot more in JWA, then the matchmaking would be a whole lot better for everyone?

It’s rare but still possible. When update 1.5 came out, I switched my current team to a team of lv 18-20 dinosaurs and I dropped down to 4100ish to test them. On the first two battles I won and got to about 4200, then I was on a losing streak to below 3700. It’s possible to have a large drop although the chances are small.

If you have > 4,500 trophies when the tournament starts (10 a.m. EST on Dec 17), you will l lose 1/2 of any trophies > 4,500. For example, if you had 4,900 trophies, 200 (400/2) will be taken away. So you will start the tournament with 4,700 (4,500 + 200) trophies.

Anyone who has < 4,500 trophies will not lose any.