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Excessive repeats


If there could be a better system, a sort of random rolls when it comes to dinosaurs near you… I literally have at least 3 stegosaurus chilling by my house at any point throughout the day. Everything else, not really, just the stegosaurus…



Sounds like you’re hooked-up! Stego just became the most powerful common.


Lucky me, I’m seeing this with all dinos. I had 3 Utah’s within about 500 meters, and 2 T-rexes on screen at once. Of course, it’s a bummer when I have 6 apatos and nothing else. :smiley:


I feel the same with that lythrax, complete joke having 6 within my 200 meters and nothing else…

Let’s mix it up abit


Agreed 5 apatasaures. And 2 utahs. We need a variety and often lol


I am totally hooked up with Stegosaurus but I would like to use other dinosaurs besides that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Stegosaurus and Diplocaulus over here. There were some Gen 2 Triceratops earlier.


My workplace used to be a nice mix of carnivores. Now it is just a huge nest of stegosaurus.


This all makes complete sense, right? Vraptor used to be the most powerful common. Anyone who has hunted at night knows they were literally crawling on top of each other like a dirty rat king. Stego is now the main lady and spawns in the day so you’re going to get more than you care to dart. Seems like it’s Ludia throwing intermediate players a bone.

Also I would pay money for a guaranteed Velociraptor rat king. Just tie like 4-5 of them together by the tails. Should be super OP.


A dirty rat king :joy::joy::joy::joy: