Exchange DNA

add the ability to exchange non-hybrid epic DNA


Here’s a suggestion for Ludia if they think it’s too easy to manipulate: and Epic DNA would cost 10 HC. It would be a good idea then to consult with your alliance before making an epic request.

10 HC too much maybe 2

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crazy thought. Epic dna exchange, but with the whole community. not just your alliance. Basically an exchange board where you offer up a preset amount of a creature. You pick up to 3 different other epics you are willing to receive. Anyone who wants the epic dna you are offering can offer up accepted dna so that the total of the exchange is the same amount for both parties. Should cost some HC to post on the board. Thoughts?

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No, because some people’s requests would be pushed all the way to the top cause there would be way too many people requesting. Those people’s requests would never be answered.

I’m flexible on the number, but I think HC would be a good way to stave off abuse and require those who want to only request epics to spend some money. (See Ludia, I want you guys to be able to eat too.)

Nah. If the alliance championships have taught us anything, its that alts will be abused for anything and everything so long as it isn’t explicitly stated that they can’t under the justification that they are allowed to exist. This just screams exploit bait.

You don’t think the HC would be enough to discourage that?

I don’t because HC can be obtained regularly in both supply drops and any tournaments that reward it. It will be by far the most effective use of HC.

Okay, what if it were 50 HC? I mean, there’s a breaking point somewhere.

2 hard cash means nothing to people using alternate accounts to donate