Exchange Trust Points for other Event Dragons

Just a thought. I know that more than a few players have already gotten or will soon be getting to the 3000 trust point mark for Toothless and Light Fury, after which trust points aren’t particularly useful because another copy of the dragon cannot be used in battle. This would become more of an issue with the next update, where Toothless trust points can be obtained from Exploration and bought in limited time trust point packs.

The only halfway reasonable use I can think of for an extra copy of the event dragons would be for breeding for non-Fury dragons (speaking of, is that intentional or an error, like with the Light Fury?). And presumably breeding the Night Lights when they get released somewhere down the track.

Alternatively, something other reward from the event might be something to consider? I realise it might be quite difficult to implement a different reward just for a subset of the player-base. Do you know if there are any other plans for trust points?


Exploration and limited time PURCHASE?! So there will be no more Toothless events?

Ahem, I see that Toothless Trust Points are possibly coming to the storyline as progressive rewards as they hinted in the game and if so I hope I will receive the trust points from previous levels I have already completed as I cannot predict based on other sources. I also hope to see more clan features and maybe that book of dragons too.

The missed trust points will be sent via the in-game mail. Other features coming this update are the book of dragons and something to do with Sheep. Which is also linked to Buffalords.