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Exchange unwanted boosts for coins

Now that you have implemented the ability to “un-boost” a dino (for a penalty), can we have the option to sell back our boosts for coins? I don’t want mine anymore and would love to be able to exchange them for something of value. Obviously there would be some loss incurred at my end, but that’s still better than them just sitting there.


Or even hard cash. How about one option for coin and the other option for hard cash?

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While it would be cool to be able to exchange them for coins, I don’t think boosts are useless now, just different. Under the new system even a few boosts used wisely could save a dinosaur, like say a raptor is fighting another raptor, raptor 1 has 10 boost tiers used (0 health, 8 damage, 2 speed), but if raptor 2 has used just 3 tiers (0 health, 0 damage and 3 speed) that faster one is gunna one shot it.

Its all about where and how to boost something now, I think its actually a pretty cool idea and generally what many were hoping boosts where before they launched.

Now people have to actually think how to use their boost carefully instead of just pumping everything without regards

Yep 100%. Now with the new system someone who has a tier advantage may squander it if they boost poorly!

stop wasting time and resources and get your rear back in the arenas :grin:

its fun

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You tryina go all in on the boost-free play :joy:
I’ll hold onto mine, just in case lol.

I just figure that once you get in that fast lane, you need to keep up or get rolled. I’m never going to spend that much $$ and have lost interest in being on the leaderboard… especially if boosting is the only way to do it anymore.

I guess I’m just losing interest in general.

its a slow roll now

tryos everywhere!!

Coins? No. Unless it’s lots of them, like 10,000

Cash: yes please. Definitely hard cash, we need more of that.

i would personally like to exchange useless and unwanted dna for coins instead… like 90k majunga dna for about 90k coins, or something like that…

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