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Excited for global release

That’s the post. :canada:
Anyone else ready to play? :grinning:


Hey @revkev73,
Happy to see that you’re excited! :grinning:
We can’t wait to share the game with everyone once it releases this year. :sparkles:

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Have been playing for a couple weeks now. Finished all the regular levels, and now working through the Challenger levels.

Really enjoying the look of the overall game… characters, attractions, the lands in general.

Levels are challenging and interesting. Although I loathe the pink goop. : )

Obtaining the coins to buy attractions and characters is worthwhile and I especially like the different versions of Mickey in each land, as well as, the guests you’ve created.

All in all, I’m enjoying the game and look forward to the next update.

More daily challenges would be my one suggestion at this time.


Hey @revkev73,
I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying your experience with Disney Wonderful Worlds so far! :slight_smile:
Your feedback has been forwarded to our dev team!
Thank you so much, and looking forward to seeing you enjoy more of our game. :wink:

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