Excited on camp camp cretaceous season 2!

camp cretaceous season 2 is coming,hope where gonna see more bumpy and will the campers escape isla nublar?

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They will be left on nublar once again with the events of jw2. This is where tugg speedman is added for scorcher 8: nublar edition

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isla sorna should appear at least once

Nah they will pretty much have a season 3. There is a confirmed volume 3 novel for may 28 and albertosaurus, troodon, monolophosaurus, sarcosuchus and plesiosaurus have toys for camp cretaceous. More indicators for a 3rd season

Iā€™m looking forward to it. I really enjoyed season 1.

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I started and finished season 1 of Camp Cretaceous yesterday and gonna watch it again before season 2 releases. Lol