Excitement is postponed

I have been hunting non stop to create new breed of dinos in preparation for future battles but those excitement might be on hold for a while when I found this. The fact that ankylosaurus is very rare on my area and this tuojina… have this huge dna to collect for evolution… Goodluck to me… :thinking: I thought my hardwork is fading off but I was wrong. I need more encouragements I guess :joy:


come to L3… i unlocked dio and still have like 20,000 tuo leftover. we don’t have much, but we do have that.


@CleverBoy What is your location? Tbh, I don’t know how this zone works?

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Can’t even get enough Tuoji to start!
Good luck to you AND the rest of us!
I battle them, so they’re out there somewhere. Just keep grinding.

Your killing me…

@CandyS919 So its really hard and rare then? Imagine your at level 20. Yes we have to be presevere and keep grinding… Thank u :ok_hand:

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@Akerond Thank you for this infos. :ok_hand:

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