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Exciting new creatures!

That we’ll lock away and parcel out at our discretion.

Seriously, what the hell is the point, Ludia?


But we got the Mammoth! For a little while at least…then it’s off to the Sanctuary like Carbo.

You had us in the first half not gonna lie

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Don’t worry plenty of incubator sales coming with them >.>


Not excited about the lack of variety in this game.

Exciting new creatures…That You’ll never see.


I still cant find either the Mammoth or the moose like creature…I did find the Bajadasaurus on a park using a rare scent… 2 of them actually

The release for the new creatures has been really weird with this update. Usually there was some sort of an idea of where to look or where to expect to find them (events, arena exclusive, parks, daily spawns, etc), but this time around it’s been a lot of guessing work. Not having a clear timeline hasn’t helped either. I feel bad for players that are still waiting to discover and create their Woolly Mammoths.

Although it was a little frustrating, I did prefer the pterosaur release where we had a week of the new creatures being almost everywhere. Now it seems you have to rely on blind luck and hope that someone in your Alliance finds one and puts it in a sanctuary. I’ve seen one mammoth in the wild and none of the others.

I don’t really mind having stuff locked away as it keeps the longevity of the game for seasoned players

I would argue that for at least one update period they are released globally, then hide them. Then you have opportunity to build up DNA stocks

I found 5 Mammoth and im pretty sure they were all in a zone 2. Found the new longneck too but no sign of the moose