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Exciting News from My Park!

Jurassic Fury’s lineup witnesses a second major change! (To read the first, see my other post “Breaking News From My Lineup”)

We’re live from Jurassic Fury’s park, as the newest star makes his debut! The Indominus Rex entered the team at precisely 7:16 am on June 24th, 2020 (IST) and shook the entire lineup, being the first Legendary Hybrid. This, indeed, was a major step since there are currently no Super-Rare Hybrids in the team.

The two level 30 T-Rexes, sources say, had been instantly fused to make a level 40, and again, instantly fused with the level 40 Raptor without wasting a single moment, as a precautionary measure against the dangers of unbalanced PvE : The level 40 T-Rex was, for a few seconds, stronger than the lineup’s famous level 10 Eolambia by a LOT of attack and health.

Named as “Titanium”, we await further news at 5:30 pm (IST) to record the Indominus Rex’s first victory.

The Eolambia, with visible sadness, says - “I used to be the top creature of the Jurassic lineup, and was preparing to give up my crown to the upcoming level 20 Megalosaurus. But this abrupt desicion for the Indominus Rex has left me quite perplexed, as I was still not emotionally prepared to be demoted to the second spot”. Meanwhile, the Baryonyx sits at 3rd spot, and a little frightened of the mean-looking newcomer. He had, in his mind, visions of him being bullied because he, too, was a newcomer but his welcome was short-lived.

The crying Majungasaurus, meanwhile, is comforted by the Alanqa and the Triceratops. The three commons show frustration - why didn’t anyone acknowledge them, too? They remain in the corner of the park, and their value exists for collecting coins and eventually, events such as Mighty Money.

The owner of his park, Jurassic Fury, says - “It took me a sacrifice of two level 30 T-Rexes and around 900 bucks to get Titanium into my team. But man, it was sure worth it.”


Congrats man


Nice way to explain. XD. Well congrats on your first legendary hybrid.


From the person that brought you over 100 nicknames for dinos

He now shows his lineup to the world


From the person who makes low quality youtube videos

I present to you, the lads


Awesome. That’s so cool

I don’t have a good herbivore though…

What do you guys think of my team?

from where you are at i’d suggest getting ophiacomimus level 20, it is on level with your other creatures and isn’t that hard to get, just depends whether you have the ingredients or not

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I mean, I am trying to get both ophiacomimus and Tapejalosaurus(Super Sticky Tape)

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I’ll need a lvl 40 ophiacodon though

And a lvl 40 gally

do you have it unlocked?

Yes i have

you might want to start to work towards it then because it’s pretty damn good

Shoud I get a lvl 30 labyrinthosaurus?

its also easy to get, only costing 7.5k dna for each one, so you can keep it in line with the rest of your lineup as it upgrades

Ok. Thanks for the info

yes, labrinth is also pretty damn good, my level 30 labrinth has 827 health 286 attack, so thats on par for you, and i think it only cost a couple thousand too, so its probably more worth than the ophi in terms of dna

I just placed a lvl 10 ophiacodon into the creation lab so i can get another lvl 20 ophiacodon