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Exclusive content


Any plans to have exclusive content other than in the USA or Canada? Kind of getting annoying that we don’t get the same treatment here in the UK .


Agreed. I know that we’ll get the Brachiosaurus at some point but it shouldn’t always be Americans who get them with special events early.


we didn’t get brachiosaurus. that was only canada


Didn’t you guys get the game like a month earlier?


That is only at Apple stores at this point. I’m in a small area that doesn’t even have them which sucks. I’m sure it will branch out but since Ludia is in Canada, its nice to get something first. Usually we are always well after the US for anything like this.


Okay. Thanks. I assumed it was US as well. Even so, these sort of events should be global.


I am still waiting on a new promotion like AMC.

Perhaps it can be done at something that is not exclusive to Canada and US or have separate promotion for different places around the world.