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Exclusive Dinos

Been playing this game for a while and I love a lot of the features and I believe this is a good feature to rotate through different dinosaurs as being event or battle exclusive, I just wish they were on a more calibrated schedule. I need Baryonyx DNA for example as I want to level up Tryostronix to help me fight Smilonemys, but the only way for me to do that is if i’m lucky in an incubator or I am in Arena 1. I just wish we had more opportunities to get some of these dino’s that’s all.

The battle exclusives can be obtained if your in that arena or higher, so you should be able to get baryonyx in battle incubators. But yeah, the exclusives can be annoying sometimes, especially the ones you can’t even get from arena. You basically have to rely on events. I missed diplodocus around a month ago, and I have no idea when I’ll have a chance to dart it again.

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While I don’t love the idea of exclusive dinos, I do think it would be far better if the only dinos that were exclusive were epics. I have had sooooo many case of having mountains of epic dna required for a legendary or unique, but not having ANY of the exclusive rare dna. This is the case with quetzorion (I have 4k pteranodon at the appropriate level but can’t even get quetzal to 15 to start fusing the legendary until after this weekend), tenontorex, dilranocheirous, testacornibus (although last week helped a ton) and many others. If I have worked hard enough to gather all of the appropriate epic and legendary dna, I shouldn’t be stuck because of rare dna that is impossible to get. Legendary and epic dna should always be harder to obtain but that is clearly not the case because of exclusivity. And the idea of an exclusive common seems like an oxymoron. Is it really a common creature if it is locked behind exclusivity?

Request: only make epics have the possibility of being exclusive

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