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Exclusive Dsunga found only in Montreal Event

Someone named Vlad uploaded this earlier on:

Thoughts on more Montreal centered events that nobody else can participate in?


Youre kidding, right? :unamused:


All I’ve got to say about the Montreal based events will be censored and get me a ban, so I’m saying nothing.


If this is actually true, then I’ll repeat what I’ve said in other threads about region-limited events. Ludia either needs to make these spawns available to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE, or put a joystick in the game so the rest of us can have access to these spawns. It makes no sense to take away our one attempt at Tenontorex in the name of “arena balance”, then introduce boosts and now region-limited events. Regionals are one reason I left PoGo. Niantic seems to only want to cater to rich people who can afford to travel the world for pixels, and those who live in urban areas. While I do live in an urban area, I feel for those who don’t.


This had to be someone trolling, right?


Here’s an image of a gif that this company deserves. Unfortunately, can’t send the actual gif.



Wow, look the creature which should’ve been the season reward is just given away for free to a random place on Earth.
Seriously Ludia… I wonder what Sweden will get as a super exclusive needed creature. Let’s make it Irritator, 100 attempts will be nice. Thanks.


Belgium wants some too, we’ll take a hundred irritator as well!


This doesn’t seem too far fetched considering how Montreal keep having events over there. Love the idea of 100 tries on Dsunga. Guess Montreal’s JWA players get a step over everyone else…
Ludia’s attempt to extinguish the fire, with more fire!


They need to stop favoring places over others

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I’m not keen to complaining, but seriously…

What is this? This blantant show of favoritism is outrageous. I understand that Montreal is where the HQ is, but seriously? I mean, what about the millions of other players that want to create or level up their Dsungaia? Like, hello? Do you not think that the majority of the player base is gonna feel some sort of resentment towards you?

I gave y’all a free pass on the first Montreal exclusive event, but if this is gonna be a regular thing, then this is utter crap. Knock it off Ludia.


You can get that bird anywheres I forget which day but it’s spawns locally that whole day. You could probably do 100 chances in 1 day if you drove around for 10 hours hahaha !

EDIT: mixed this one up the with Tupanda bird !

What other creatures did they get? I’m in Calgary but that’s too far for DNA for me lol

Pokémon go safari is this month in Montreal

But I’m not saying anything about event . :shushing_face:

I’m pretty sure they’re trying to get players to create alts and spoof in order to increase the amount of players… This is, as always, a big load of ludia…


Dsungaripterus DOES NOT spawn in the wild.

If you want to know more about this Montreal only event, it was covered when it first started here - Montreal Event is Awesome!

You do not get 100 tries at one specific creature, but rather just 100 tries. Whatever spawns at the time is what you get to dart. That is my understanding.


This thought about Ludia encourages alt accounts to boost the appearance of active players numbers has occurred to me before, but I hadn’t thought about it in regards to the Montreal event. I was naively hoping it was being used as a “honeypot” to catch spoofing accounts, but your theory holds up much better when considering the way they’ve handled these things in the past. I believe you’re onto something here…

The event is not an event. I went. Thankfully not just because of the house party event. You get 2 epic incubators nothing special about them. There’s 2 stops in a bar/hangout place u have to walk out of the bar to get every hr if u want the max and there is one. Just one. Just oneeeee drop that has the 100 attempts on Dino’s that switches every five minutes. When I was there for 45 minutes nothing but Commons and some rares that don’t do much and didn’t repeat. So nobody is missing out. And nobody at the bar cares or knows anything about Jurassic world

It does not spawn in the wild.

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Niantic used spoofing and maps to increase their numbers until they were no longer needed, and even then never really made a real effort to completely stop spoofing. I figure any ar game, selling GPS data about their users, would do the same to make the data more valuable.

My bad I was mistaken it for Tupanda ! That I see every week!

Isn’t that the girl from boy meets world?