Exclusive regional events? Make them global

Undergiong i think there’s two exclusive events one for USA users and the other one is for canada. This is not the first time that ludia make someting like that, there was the braquio event on iPhone stores, the amc incubator, wallmart supplies, and the last one Hollywood studios and the canadian one.

I know that this Game is far away to be fair or equitative, but that kind of exsluive regional events should be for all the globe. Maybe not all the countries has Hollywood/universal studios or Big cinemas but we share the same pation about the dinosaurs and for that and for a better Game experience, that exclusive events should be available for all the countries.


They could program mini events for each user to activate when time permits.

For example. You would get an event capsule that lasts say 30 minutes or maybe 60.
When you activate it, an event tent pops up with other things. They could put 10 to 20 drops within reach of your big circle to spin. Then different creatures pop up that you can dart and what ever they did in the real events.

They might say go to the middle of a large park where once you activate the event, you can walk around in their event set up to get close to the drops and spawns. They could have the hidden creatures in the circle and you have to find them. They could have a few single strike towers to do of different levels. Include a scent and boost tower.

Maybe someone just needs to give them the idea.

North America is their biggest market. USA got the theater incubator, Canada got NBA champion day. The message to everyone else in the world is this:

You aren’t profitable enough for Lydia to try marketing stunts on.

Is anyone outside North America seeing spawns like this? :sunglasses: