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Exclusive skins (shiny) dinosaurs

People who played Pokemons know how enthralling are shiny poks and you spend hours and days waking and trying to get them.

What if we had obtainable new skins for dinos? Which not gonna influence dino’s stats, but only change their look.

For example, you could get new skin for a common dino for 2000 direct hits on it (more or less)
For rare – 1500 and 1000 for epic

That would take long, but it would add some sense to hunt commons that you don’t need.

And new skins for hybrids might be exclusive reward for tournaments. So if you see an opponent with exclusive Indoraptor skin you will know that he or she was at top-500 at some certain season.


Love this idea. Like you say if they were linked to specific dino challenges For example, Kill 500 dinos using T-Rex and gain a Savanna skin. Would give people something to work towards and would add more customization.


I like it. That would be a cool addition to the game. I always tried to unlock alternate costumes in Street Fighter and games like that. I’d definitely do it in JWA too.

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It could be a fun idea, but honestly when Pokémon GO became so enthralled on having its player base too focused on the aspect of hunting shiny Pokémon of which led to deteriorated quality of improving content and ultimately lost my interest.

So, if the idea were to be approached without losing sight of achieving improved content, it could be a fun idea.


Think it could even be incorporated into Alliance missions. Not sure how hard it would be for them to change the colours/patterns on them. Although with the state of the alliance chat it could go terribly wrong… lol

Of course, new skins shouldn’t be the only new content in updates. It’s like an additional fun, beside new mechanics, new dinos and features.

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I like exclusive tournament rewards, one of the tops guys earlier mentioned profile pictures and other exclusives could be exciting and add a bit more motivation. But spoofers need to be removed first, seeing them on the leaderboard is bad enough.

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They could be like the cosmetics in JW Evolution

I’d love to see cool natural color variations (like albino, piebald, or melanistic) but please dont make a hot pink velociraptor.

Also how would color morphs work in this game? In POGO it was easy because you could keep multiple of any “species”. You only have one in JWA


IMO, we can spin the dino in her portrait in stats screen to change her skin or even add small button list on the side of her portrait.

By the way, I totally like the idea because I hate some dino coloring.

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I find shiny pokemon one of the most absurd and uninteresting features in PoGo. If people really like it, I don’t mind. But it wouldn’t be an incentive for me in JWA.

I like that idea

Of course natural colors. Like there are normal tigers and white ones.

Both are existing species. But nobody knows the real color of dinosaurs, so they might be different, but realistic.

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In this case it’s more like an albinism case.

I would be fine with pattern “natural” (no clothes or whatever) as long as it doesn’t impact game performance. If they want to give “special trophies” they could also let us change the win animation : if unlocked, we could have a different animation for the victory at the end. I would like it.

But honestly this should be so low on the road map…
1- Remove cheaters from the leaderboard, publicly state that you messed up and it caused players to lose rewards.
2 - Correct the left over bugs…
3 - Do something about speed ties. I mean really. You’re better than that
4 - Design a unique tank.
?? - Add cosmetics to the game


It would be some motivation but the effort required shouldn’t be so absurd. Just saying… :wink:

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What do you mean no hot pink?! We could turn Thor into Barney! :wink:



Thor the THOT :joy:


Okay, please take all my money, I want Barney Thoradolosaurus.


This is ludia we are talking about so… “Unlock the new Barney Skin” for just £99 :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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Gimme a Golden T rex and a Diamond Tryostronix

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