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Exclusive skins (shiny) dinosaurs

I’d say 2 should focus on game performance and stability. Right know the game is barely playable on too many devices and annoying to play on high-end devices. There are also a lot of issues with connectivity during battles that make nonviable to start a new tournament.

i don’t see “shiny” dinosaurs a priority at all, either… Please, first fix what we already have…

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As long as it’s not a random number thing, these and special costumes sound like pretty nice ideas if just for customization.

Skins: sure, could see that being interesting. Outfits/costumes: please no.

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Brachio with a tie :thinking:

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A white indoraptor skin for the top 3 tournament player

Maybe the can introduce albine versions

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Or shiny pitch black like charizard!

I like this idea. You could unlock some skins through and easy but timely method and unique skins could be won in tournaments/seasons or through alliance cooperation to achieve a more desirable skin.

I like the idea, only if you collect exclusive skins through doing missions and challenges. I don’t want to hunt and darting like PGO shinies…