Exclusive VIP Creature Availability

This is pretty cool - all the exclusive VIP creatures (that cost 50,000 JW points each) are now available in the Loyalty Packs section :sunglasses:

Before splurging on a favourite creature or two, can Ludia (i.e. @Keith :slightly_smiling_face:) confirm if they intend to offer any discount on the pack prices over the next couple of days? I wouldn’t be happy to spend 200,000 points on four creatures only for each creature to be offered for 40,000 each in the last 24 hours, which I have seen once or twice before.

It is also worth noting that all of the “regular” VIP creatures are also available for 20,000 each so fill your boots people!

The tough decision here will be deciding which creatures to buy! :nerd_face:


The farther I get in the game I’m more tempted on 20k packs. I don’t focus on Cenozoic or aquatic at all. Would have been nice to know this was upcoming.

I can’t quite bring myself to pay for the 20K packs, particularly since they do all rotate through the trade harbor. I’m still arguing with myself over getting the new kangaroo, but I’ve never done a 50K pack before and I still would get way more use out of leveling up the rest of my VIPs that I think I need to resist the call.


Took me ages to pluck up the courage for a 20k pack too but eventually I got fed up with the return on the 10k packs - I always ended up with a creature I didn’t need and very rarely the one I wanted!

The 50k packs are a true dilemma as you know that they are not worth really worth it but it is the need for completion of a favourite creature which forces the hand! Aside from the Proceratosaurus, I never get offers for the 50k creatures via the Trade Harbour :disappointed: - is that the same for everyone else?

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I’m definitely starting to get to that point with the 10K packs, particularly with the aquatics which I’ve acquired a lot of and yet rarely benefit from the numbers that I now have. There’s still enough of the 10K Jurassics I can use that show up in the TH for 11K LP trades that I tend to wait for those, but there always seem to be some that hardly even show up (Hyaenodon is my rarest of the 10K VIPs, don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the TH).

Definitely the same for me on the 50K VIPs in the TH. The other ones I’ve gotten have all been from the lottery or VIP tournaments.

I have already purchased two 50K packs thinking about maybe one more I still have two days to decide

The double loyalty points bonus after “purchasing” is effective on these packs as well when you buy these with the loyalty points??

Nope, only real cash purchases count on the double LP promotion.

@Sionsith do you know how many loyalty points you get with the 20k packs? I never splurged in one but am tempted now that there are a couple Dino’s I could use to level up…

I do not remember, I think around 1300? So doubled would be 2,600. Not sure if anyone can verify that?

Can I ask something, why is Woolly Mamooth still a 30,000 LP creature , while it is less powerful that the other 20,000 LP VIP creatures and it is unlockable by tournaments ? It is not even a VIP creature .

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Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Definitely was odd to see it in there.

I only ever buy the 20k packs because the cenos and aquatics just aren’t useful for me. There’s not enough events for them to justify the cost, and lets face it, you’re less likely to win a land creature than one of the others (it certainly feels like that). Anyway, this was much appreciated and I’ve now got myself that lvl 20 Eolambia I’ve been waiting so long for. :smile:


When it was originally released it was on par / more powerful than the VIP creatures. It should be reduced / removed from the VIP status packs now that the rebalance has happened on the Cenozoic creatures and it has been put in the appropriate strength category.


In some 20k packs u can also get 3000 dinobucks when real lucky, while in the 10k packs u can get max 300 dinobucks

How is that possible? All the ones I’ve seen have a chance at a 500 DB card only, so that’s a max possible of 1,500 DB.

The DBs are the main reason I’ve considered buying the 20K packs vs. waiting on TH offers which are only 11K. But if the amount of LPs you get back is indeed 2600, that means you are paying 6400 for the pack vs. TH offer… seems a bit too high a price for a pretty good chance of only getting 500 or even 0 DBs… and even the max possible of 1500 is not that great a return on the price, given that those LP to DB trades come up in the TH pretty frequently and are usually no worse than 2 LPs per 1 DB.

It certainly does take a bit more patience waiting on the TH offers particularly if you are really wanting only 1 or 2 specific dinos, but I still have a pretty wide range of Jurassics (and some of the cenos) that I need so the TH offers work pretty well for me.

Looks like there might be an Aquatic tournament for the new year, hopefully your Aquatic bench is ready to go.


Pterodactylus pack gives chance for 3x 1000… but of course I got zero​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

@Belboxtel thanks for saying something I went ahead and got one based on this information:

Got two 1,000 DB cards in the pack and found out it’s only 780 LP for the 20k packs base so double up to 1560 for VIP.


That definitely is tempting… I have a feeling this might be an oversight since it’s only that particular pack.

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