Exclusives are just exhausting

Another update, another slew of exclusives. Well, I guess event dinos I go for are decided for me. Forget about trying to advance creatures you already have, best to stock up on that sweet, sweet exclusive DNA. Hybrids? Yeah, right… it takes long enough to get the exclusive creature to the level you need, let alone make the hybrid, especially since Ludia seems to enjoy using lower rarity creatures for high rarity hybrids. A rare making a unique? 500 a pop. Epic isn’t much better at 200 each. That’s a whole lot of FIPs, even if you’re lucky enough to have access to several L20 sanctuaries.

It really looks like they struck on the magic monetization formula - firs it was boosts. My guess is boost sales were lagging, which is why tokens vanished. The people that were most likely to buy them already have 10s of thousands of boosts and I can only imagine how many creatures in their collections have 30 tiers on them. What do they need to buy them for? BUT - they will buy exclusive DNA to get everything NOW.

So now we’re stuck with exclusive after exclusive. I remember being mad that Blue was exclusive… how silly of me. I mean, just one creature? I’d be happy if it were even down to 5 creatures now, but the list just keeps growing and not only blocking people out, but having a serious impact on how you feel like you need to play the game.

Just an observation. I know no one cares, especially at $udia and $am $ity.


Some dinos are so infrequently found, they might as well be exclusives. I’ve come across Paralux maybe half a dozen times since it was released. Inostravancevia, for a common, is almost never around and it’s DNA is needed for two very good hybrids and one of the best new Uniques.


That’s why I think they should just have everything on the map. It’s obvious they can control spawn frequency. A slight chance of finding something good is WAY better than none at all AND it wouldn’t necessarily mean people would progress any faster on them as opposed to having to FIP them. It just means they couldn’t sell bundles with sanctuary supplies…

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Exclusives and the pay-to-win formula have gotten so bad that we are over 2 weeks into a month and IDGT is STILL top of the leaderboard. The leaderboard is literally the biggest spenders. There is not any strategy involved beyond buying every exclusive incubator you can from the store.

Sad times. The best low spending and F2P players are 3-4 months behind pace now. It will get worse with this update and the next based on the announced rarities.


3 to 4 months? More like a year.


And when you finally make an exclusive hybrid anither one apears so you either grind for that one or grind to max out the current one which by that time will likely be almost irrelevant


As a player that bought something ingame only once (and it was like 4$) i can say that without paying you simply cant catch up to the newest meta, and whenever you do its already completely different. I still remember being so happy after getting indo g2 and it got nerfed to the ground 3 weeks after.


Ludia could just make the exclusives local spawns and still get the same amount of profit. It’s not gonna stop the spenders from buying the DNA, and local spawns can still be difficult to come across when looking for a specific one. The large majority of my DNA comes from incubators, alliance requests, and FIPs, I don’t really have a reason to dart because all the useful creatures can’t be found in the wild.


I’m still FIPing the rare deer. I missed the events for it, so now every day is the same thing. I haven’t leveled up any of my team members (outside those with a raid) in months because of it. Arc is finally 25, but now I need around 5k deer just to have one fusion at the apex.

The game has become very stale, and exclusives play a good part in that. Fusable apexes would be a lot more interesting if there were no exclusives attached.


Exclusives are kind of a fickle thing… back when their weren’t exclusives this game was filled with spoofers and I’m not talking about a few here and their I’m talking the number 2 alliance was pretty much all spoofers who after like a year got hit with a ban wave confirming what the community was saying for a year.

Exclusives at one point we’re begged for because Spoofers couldn’t just spoof to them… Ludia also found out the whales would just buy up the exclusive dna in the store.

This has created a monster… where every patch we just get more and more exclusives and less and less of a reason to hunt. This would be mitigated to a greater extent if Ludia wasn’t also pushing the meta away from these Dino’s to trigger another wave of purchases. Atleast then we wouldn’t be looking to replace something the moment it gets close to team level.


From this really informative article on the forum: A Meta in Overdrive? A Look at the Top 100 Teams

‘Of the most common 11 creatures used in the Top 25, only Diloracheirus and Tarbognathus have all their components available to hunt in the wild. The other 9 are either raids (or store-bought incubators) or require an exclusive component. I expect we’ll see Compsoraptor appear on this list soon too, probably in place of its parent, Tarbognathus, meaning yet another exclusive-component creature at the top.’

Says it all…

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