Exit battle glitch

Hey if you are woundering would happen if you try the trick its really bad i got used to it so i accidentally used it but when i got back in it concidered as i did not put any move like if the timer runs out in pvp no attacks no blocks no reaserve so i decided to try to kick of the “bad habbit”

Welcome to the club.

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Ask around if anyone know ludia and we can all complain and hope thell will put it back

Seriously? Asking them to bring a bug back to the game?
Wow, let’s do the same with Boeing.


If you do an appropriate amount of balancing in your teams the bug is not needed. @Tommi is proof of that :wink:


Probably about as likely they will bring it back as they will fix the PvE balance issues that make players need it in the first place. I’d care more about them fixing current bugs like the countdown one they continue to ignore our complaints on.


Honestly I completely agree with @Mary_Jo in that the Exit Battle Glitch wasn’t as impactful as, “the PVE issues that make players need it in the first place.”

As an end game player who occasionally used to utilize the glitch when it existed, I personally don’t think it was necessary to win in PVE events. Sure I lose just a couple more battles without it, but by in large I can still win just about the same amount of events without it by performing better than I used to in the battles.

To each their own, but I don’t personally want or expect Ludia to bring back this glitch, rather what I do want is for them to balance/tone down the difficultly of the opponents in PVE.


If my English were better that’s exactly what I would say.