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Exotic creatures

Some years ago I was designing a card game for the Jurassic World series, there was a lot of creatures, all the JWTG and JWA hybrids, some hybrids created by me and also the exotic version of some creature, they have their own rarity and they where going to be very very Rare, now I propose to do this in JWA. These creature are going to be very very Rare on the map and they musn’t have an hybrid or superhybrid. These are only collection creature, not fighting, but you would want those only for finishing your collection (and yes, I have copy this for Dragon rise of berk)

Tell me what you all think

Aw man, I saw this thread title and was hoping for something different.

But yea, I think we should get dino skins for sure. We should be able to edit our dinos appearances since we are building them in a lab.

There aren’t dino skins, but completely new dinosaurus, like the gen2 but fancier

hmm, Joe Exotic?


same idea! how about “mega dinosaurs” they are more powerful that the originals and look better.