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Exotic Island is recruting


He have just kicked out inactive players and are looking for members to join, by now only is required to be active.
Join: Exotic Island or leave your id bellow for me to add you.


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I´m looking for active clan. My team is about 4100 points and I play every day 4 - 6 alpha battles (but now I´m without energy :slight_smile: )

If it is ok for you, please invite me: attivo78#6194


Something wrong with your ID, can’t invite you.

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I´ve sent you a request in game.

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In my clan I am the secretary of the clan XD, I say at the leader who is inactive and who is active, I’m so glad for this.

@attivo78 and another member joined, still slots available.

The only requirement is that your active so we can defeat some alphas together.



I am relatively new to the game with a 2100 point team and would like to start earning 3 star dragons. I can play 3-4 alpha battles and play daily.

If I meet your requirement please send an invite to: PayneCakes#1501

Hi @PayneCakes,

Invite sent.

12/15 at the moment, fell free to join or place your ID.


Still looking for members.

Anyone is welcome to join, still some spots free.

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LoveLola95 #0062

^.^ I am in an alliance with 3 people including myself and I’m the only active one for the last month. Would love to be invited to a new alliance :heart: