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Expand gear loot selection to more characters

With the introduction to new characters, I feel like it’s getting harder for both new players and existing players to collect new gear for said characters. I propose there should be some kind of change to the gear looting selection system. I feel like this should only apply to challenge mode, but i leave it up to you guys.

Let’s say here are the following GEAR loot rewards for Hidden forge:

20: 6x Epic Rogue weapons
19: 30x Rare barbarian pants
18: 3x Epic rogue wondrous item
15: 12 Rare paladin helm
14: 1x Epic Ranger armor
13: 90x common bard wondrous item

Instead of just specific characters, let the game randomly choose x amount of characters for each tier and you get to pick them.
Here is an example:
20: 6x epic weapons for 2 random characters the game chooses. You pick one of characters you want the weapons added to.
19: 30x rare pants for 3 randomly chosen characters. You get to pick one from the 3.
13: 90x common wondrous items for 4 randomly chosen characters. You get to pick one from the 4.

In a more simpler sense, here’s a simulation:
20: 6x epic weapons, game chooses rogue and bard. You get to pick either rogue or bard’s weapon to loot.
19: 30x rare pants. game chooses barbarian, paladin, and ranger. You get to pick either of these 3 as loot.
13. 90 common wondrous items. game chooses warlock, cleric, bard, rogue. You can pick 1 out of these 4 characters as their loot.

I feel like this can eliminate the randomness of loot generated each challenge reward refresh. There are just some epics that never show up that I need really badly but have been waiting for over 2 months to show up… which really sucks. The same goes for rares and commons, that sometimes do show up but are in lower quantities because of the difficulty of the challenge.
Also this may mean that some players may choose to take something of a lower quality vs higher quality (common vs epic) because they need that specific gear. Overall most players would choose the epic mainly because of their selling price. But this idea gives them a new reason to refuse that epic, or gold, or even gems.
Definitely also helps with guild requests.

What do you guys think?

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So i’m guessing no one has loot problems…

From what I read of your first post it doesn’t really seem to do that much that would matter to me… yes it would give me some choice in the matter but it would still be random based on the choices they gave me. This seems like to little of a gain too be worth them putting in the time and potential bugs that could come with it.

As far as choosing gear goes I would like to be able to actually see what my characters are wearing before I make a choice. It does tell you how many of an item you have but I can’t always remember what specific leg piece, or whatever, that one of my 10 characters is wearing.

Sucks when the challenges for your power level have nothing worth paying the gold cost to chase dice rolls. The current 2 day is great when that epic sitting at 20. But I’m going on about a week of wishing I had different rewards. Just can’t get those needed items to appear.

Yeah that’s typical of these kinds of games. If it was as easy at higher levels as it is at lower levels to get worthwhile rewards there would be no need to pay for anything and then they’d stop making them and we’d have nothing to play lol

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