Expand Roster - Do you keep it?

If you’re Roster is full and you have eggs that are ready to hatch, the game offers you to expand your Roster for a price…
I have not tried this YET because I would like to know if I get to keep the expansion permanently.
Does anyone know?

Yes @Joxiana, you get to keep the space. If you have Flight Club you max out at 150 at lvl 50. Or I think its 130 otherwise.

I have Flight Club, and 110 Roster space at Level 50
Before I was Flight Club I buyed space two times… is there anything wrong?

No, you’ll keep buying space until it maxes :slight_smile:

Omg, I had to ‘sell’ about 20 4* dragons because I always have the max 150.
Please Ludia increase the roster space to 200 :laughing:

If buying doesn’t work @Amelia, have your roster maxed then buy. I had a problem where I couldn’t buy anymore space until I had the Dragons to fill it.

As far as i’m aware the total Roster space you can have at lvl 50 is 150. And the way to get those is as follows:

30 of those were already available when you started playing the game.
50 of those are given to you for lvling up.
another 50 are available for purchase with runes (50 runes per space).
And Lastly 20 are given as a sign up reward for joining the Flight Club (these are permanent so even if you stop being an FC member you’ll still keep those)

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Aaaah, thanks.
I haven’t buyed enough.
I understood it wrong - I thougt I could have 150 with flight Club, without buying.

Sorry, english is not my native language ^^