Expanding the current rigs

Large theropod rig :
Zuchengtyrannus (epic)
Torvosaurus (epic)
Carcharadontosaurus (epic)
Daspletosaurus (rare)
Yangchuanosaurus (rare)
Tyrannotitan (rare)
Albertosaurus (common)
Sinraptor (common)
Mapusaurus (common)

Medium theropod rig :
Pycnomeosaurus (epic)
Piatninzkysaurus (epic)
Scorpiovenator (rare)
Eustreptospondylus (rare)
Rugops (common)
Sechuansaurus (common)

Raptor rig :
Dakotaraptor (epic)
Archilobator (epic)
Ulengia (rare)
Austroraptor (rare)
Dromaeosaurus (common)
Sauronitholestes (common)

Dilopho rig :
Guanlong (epic)
Maiasakasaurus (rare)
Ornitholestes (common)

Big spino rig :
Oxalia (epic)
Valibonavenatrix (rare)
Suchosaurus (common)

Small spino rig :
Ichtyovenator (epic)
Ostafrikasaurus (rare)
Siamosaurus (common)

Dimetrodon rig :
Titanophoneus (rare)
Sphenacodon (common)

Gorgonopsid rig :
Dinogorgon (epic)
Titanosuchus (epic)
Rubidgea (common)

Sauropods apatosaurus type rig :
Supersaurus (epic)
Ampelosaurus (epic)
Diamantinasaurus (epic)
Shunosaurus (rare)
Cetiosaurus (rare)
Isisaurus (rare)
Saltasaurus (common)
Dicraeosaurus (common)
Bonitasaura (common)

Sauropods brachiosaurus type rig :
Sauroposeidon (epic)
Mamenchisaurus (epic)
Puertasaurus (epic)
Camarasaurus (rare)
Omeisaurus (rare)
Paralititan (rare)
Dreadnoghtus (common)
Cedarosaurus (common)
Euhelophus (common)

Hadrosaur rig :
Lambeosaurus (epic)
Shantungosaurus (epic)
Muttaburrasaurus (epic)
Olorotitan (rare)
Brachylophosaurus (rare)
Altirhinus (rare)
Corythosaurus (common)
Hadrosaurus (common)
Camptosaurus (common)

Ceratopsid rig :
Pachyrhinosaurus (epic)
Kosmoceratops (epic)
Styracosaurus (epic)
Pentaceratops (rare)
Albertaceratops (rare)
Centrosaurus (rare)
Chasmosaurus (common)
Diabloceratops (common)
Torosaurus (common)

Ankylosaur rig :
Sauropelta (epic)
Saichania (epic)
Edmontonia (rare)
Tarchia (rare)
Polacanthus (common)
Pinacosaurus (common)

Stegosaur rig :
Gigantspinosaurus (epic)
Dacenturus (epic)
Huyangosaurus (rare)
Chungkingosaurus (rare)
Lexovisaurus (common)
Hesperosaurus (common)

Ornithomimid rig :
Dromiceiomimus (epic)
Archaeornithomimus (epic)
Garudamimus (rare)
Pelecanimimus (rare)
Struthiomimus (common)
Harpymimus (common)

Scutosaurus rig :
Estemenosuchus (epic)
Shringasaurus (epic)
Pareiasaurus (common)

Pachycephalosaurus rig :
Stegoceras (epic)
Prenocephale (rare)
Homalocephale (common)

Therizinosaurs rig :
Segnosaurus (rare)
Nothronychus (common)

Crocodilian rig :
Prionosuchus (epic)
Deinosuchus (epic)
Smilosuchus (epic)
Microposaurus (rare)
Ramphosuchus (rare)
Rutiodon (rare)
Limnoscelis (common)
Phytosaurus (common)
Leptosuchus (common)

Amphibian rig :
Mastodonsaurus (epic)
Ichtyostega (epic)
Proterogyrhinus (rare)
Eryops (rare)
Metoposaurus (common)
Acanthostega (common)

Land croc rig :
Fasolasuchus (epic)
Quinkana (epic)
Prestosuchus (rare)
Armadillosuchus (rare)
Sebecus (common)
Baurosuchus (common)

Dimorphodon rig :
Eudimorphodon (epic)
Ramphorynchus (rare)
Pterodactylus (common) (i think Pterodactylus should be here since he’s to small to fit the pteranodon rig

Pteranodon rig :
Thallassodromeus (epic)
Ceraradactylus (epic)
Zheyuanopterus (epic)
Tupuxuara (rare)
Ornithocheirus (rare)
Coloborynchus (rare)
Tropeognathus (common)
Tapejara (common)
Geosternbergia (common)

Ahzdarcid rig :
Areotitan (epic)
Ahzdarco (rare)
Zeijangopterus (common)

Entelodont rig :
Daeodon (epic)

Terror bird rig :
Brontornis (epic)
Gastornis (rare)
Andagalornis (common)

Glyptodon rig :
Panochtus (epic)

Ground sloth rig :
Mylodon (rare)
Megatherium (epic)

Andrewsarcus rig :
Epicyon (common)
Hyeanodon (rare)
Dinocrocuta (epic)

Snake rig :
Wonambi (common)
Gigantophis (rare)

Big cat rig :
Amphimachairodus (epic)
Barborufelis (epic)
Homotherium (rare)
Machairodus (rare)
Thylacosmilus (common)
Megatheron (common)

Elephant rig :
Stegotetrabelodon (epic)
Paleoloxodon (epic)
Deinotherium (rare)
Gomptotherium (rare)
Mastodon (common)
Ambelodon (common)

Turtle rig :
Stupendemys (epic)
Colossochelys (rare)
Megalochelys (common)

Dear rig :
Synthetoceras (common)


That’s a lot of new creatures

Do u mean baryonyx rig?

Can someone explain to me if there are 2 croc rigs pls? I honestly don’t know if there are 1 or 2

What’s this rig?

That’s for Ahzdarcid probably

This is literaly what i’m talking about when i say theres gonna be way too much large theropods if carcharodontosaurids don’t get their own animation set, all of the theropods u selected are well know heavily reqested dinosaurs,that are pretty likley to get added, most of the other u said for other rigs are not too heavily reqested or well known and i don’t think are as likley to get added(not saying they shouldn’t be in the game tho).

But yeah pretty nice list, i would actualy like a new hyena animation set for stuff like deinococrueta, and other prahistoric hyenas tho, would problably like a new animation for a few more creatures u listed as well

Large pterasaurs i guess

For land crocs i guess its kapro and stuff

Just crocodilian i guess its sarco grypo…

can we change the aspect of “medium theropod”?
because by medium theropod i think “Resilient carnivores”

For creatures like Kaprosuchus

For actual crocodilians

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ohhhhhhhh karposuchus, portosuchus, postimetrodon rig, thx

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Your welcome

The land crocs are postosuchus, nunda and kapro while the other crocodilians are aquatics like sarco, grypo and purrusaurus. And ahzdracids are all big pterosaurs like quetzalcoatlus, alanqa, hatzegopteryx and arambourgigania


Oh I see, my bad, thx

looks at first post

Is this a spelling bee competition?

Bird rig:

I don’t know. For me Argentarvis and pelagornis are unique enough to get a own animation

Pela for a seagle animation with other pelagornis thingys and ichtiornis for sure.

Argy maybe the eagle with reworked sounds tho a vulture/condor animation would be cool.

Weren’t Argentavis and Teratornis both vultures?

Vulture/Condor rig:

Albatross/Seabird rig:

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Pteranodon_Lvl._30 Pterodactylus_(31)

JWTG is also by Ludia, also these sizes aren’t meant to be accurate (Argentinosaurus is smaller than Amargasaurus in-game)

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i would like a giga where it has bleed