Expanding the Island

Do you have any plans to expand the island and make it possible to place paddocks on the opposite side of the island? Maybe even have paddocks that can be placed in the water? When I expand to my final paddock, then what? I feel it would be a good idea to expand the island for even more dinosaurs. This would even free up space to build a theme park on the island or communities with hotels, restaurants, exotic tropical gardens, etc. Thanks for any interest in these suggestions.

The current limit is 99 Paddocks and 600 decorations/buildings. They need to expand these numbers before expanding the island, I am currently at the max and still have dead space on my island. Depending on how you lay out your park with roads you could run into space issues but the island is currently big enough to house everything within these limits. For the most part this is all my dead space in the park:

I even have a mini theme park setup as well:


We want to see all the Dino but would have to put some away as we need roads and empty spaces for nice looking porpoises and not a cram untidy ugly looking park the only way to do that is if we put some dinosaurs or decorations/buildings away

Is there a way to remove roads?

Same way you put them in. Select the road tool, then click the road you want to remove.

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Sionsith is correct, as usual. My park is maxed out as well. I have no roads and abandoned coin generators a while ago (realizing Dinos with boosters produced more coins, by far, than buildings). Lots of empty space here.

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Thanks for that.

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Thanks for the information. I guess we need more decorations, then. I like decorating. lol.

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I do not understand why they put so much effort in modelling their beautiful dinosaurs which we have to lock away after we got them. This dino storage is much worse as the biodomes for aquatics and cenezoics.


I agree with everyone. We have been asking for a larger park and/or support for more visible creatures for quite some time. The quality is high, but too much has to stay in storage… Volcanoe expands island some? Under water park with new buildings/decorations like JPB? With the new raptor paddock, I’m finding myself filling every free strip of land with coin producing structures… Does Ludia read these posts btw?