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Expanding to the other tribes islands

In the Race to the Edge series, there’s other tribes and plentiful dragons where the game could expand to, to include new Legendary dragons and new characters.

For example, there’s the Wingmaidens, The Defenders of the Wing and even the Outcast tribe (be fun to see Alvin with a dragon) and many other characters and dragons.

If Dreamworks agreed, I’d love to see the team mine that resource a little more.


Alvin is already a villain in the game and I’ll doubt they’ll ever change that. But the Defenders of the Wing would be a cool addition to the game, and we might even be able to get the Great Protector or the New Protector seen in RTTE.

On a side note, all the dragons from RTTE have been added to the game. The only dragons that have yet to appear in the game, and I think it’s fair to assume that they will at some point, are the 4 unnamed species from HTTYD 2, which also appeared in The Hidden World. It would really be a shame if they remain unnamed.

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