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Expectancy of Patch notes

Can we atleast get an idea of when the patch notes are coming out? Like, is it coming out any time this week? It be a lot better if you had given us atleast an expected time period for the patch notes.


Possibly tomorrow as notes come on a Friday with the update the following Tuesday. We’ve had a couple of teasers this week,so highly likely I’d say :blush:

Soon. Very, very soon.

A descriptive Soon™️

Mods said “very very soon” and there were 2 official teasers this week. I hope today is the day. If not, then probably next friday

Well usually That kind of Leaks Means the Patch notes will come this week

It should now be very, very, very soon!

I see your three verys and I could raise you.

But I won’t. More than three just gets redundant.