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Expectations from Update 44

  1. Fix the “Disconnection to Server” Error…
    Many people have this even with strong WiFi. Happened to me too many times.

  2. Uncut victory animations should return.
    That was the real deal. We need 'em back.

  3. Smilodon in one of the new battle stages (personal opinion).

  4. More creatures in Clash of Titans
    We need Lythronax, Dracorex, etc.

  5. Better creatures unlock…
    Put in more creatures like Rajasaurus, Metriorhynchus, Parasaurolophus, Sarcosuchus, Scaphognathus, etc for events.

  6. Fix the minor bugs like the one showing “level 45” on Sorna even after you’ve cleared that level.

  7. Ability for higher level players to unlock common and rare dinosaurs too.

  8. Getting the locked dinos with bucks is already there, but make an UNLOCK with bucks… even if it is ten times the cost of getting a level 10 without feeding, we will pay it with Dino Bucks. But let it be an unlock.

These are in my opinion.


I personally want all those fixes, depends on person to person. Well what is really wish is more unlocks


Maybe add some new dinos(no Gen 2s please)


Really speaking,This game will soon become like JWA where 1/3rd of all Jurassics or Non Cenos are Gen 2s


i dont feel that will be the case, it seems as if they are just doing the main hybrid and its resources as gen 2’s for all 3 parks. If they Gen 3 for JW3 I wont mind as long as they dont litter the game with Gen 2’s before then


4, 5, and 7 already exists. It just takes a while for them to rotate.

8 they’ll never do.


Well, the game is under maintenance right now.
It started exactly as I landed the winning blow during a PvP match :man_facepalming:.

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It started right when I wanted to do my 24 hour cycled custom trade…

Why can’t they at least give us a 5 minute grace period on custom trades?!?!

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Hi Timmah and Qaw.

I also posted before the maintenance

I am sorry you were unable to get your custom trades done.


The Custom trades have a 24 hour timing cycle,so they cannot do is good that the maintenance was posted about though.

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I agree for the unlock, I really need Utahraptor!

Yeah, pretty much this. It is 24hours. Nothing I can do about it.

All it would take is a 5 minute grace period. Over time, you can slowly pull it back if it slips. :frowning:

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