Expensive incubators


Why is it every time you go up a level Incubators become more and more expensive to buy. you hardly get in game cash maybe 10-30 if you’re lucky at supply drops maybe a little bit more but there is a daily limit. Vip sadly there is no real benefit that I’ve seen at the supply drops no extra it’s about the same amount as a non vip. But with every level Incubators become expensive at lvl 5 a rare costs 500> at lvl 6 this is 540 bucks epic costs even more and so does the special Incubators. Jeez it seems like you believe that the players are rich people who can afford to blow money away and buy bucks to open incubators.


Thats why you shouldn’t spend it on a level up incubator and rather spend it on VIP lol. Gonna save ya a lot of money. The reason it gets more expensive because the incubater offers more reward / level. After all its a f2p game you don’t or better said shouldn’t spend loads of money on it, especially if you don’t feel like it.

Top 100 is a perfect example of what the game would look like if incubators would be cheap. No thank you. Buy a level up reward or incubator ‘for the lulz’; not for ‘the advantage’ because you won’t get it; maybe after 10 incubators but who does that lol. The best way to actually gain an advantage is by playing the game.