Experience and gold cost overview


Hi everyone,
Because it`s difficult to find out the costs of gold you need to upgrade your dinos and how much experience you will receive for it to think about the benefit, I created a table for a better overview with all the data I was able to collect so far.
It seems that Ludia has decreased some of the values a few days ago. I marked them grey.
If you got some more data or think, something is wrong, please let me know!


Nice BlueScorpion,

I have a Google Sheet with such stats on in, along with Dino performance.

Check my post history if you want to see the chart.
Add to it if you like, I made it fully open.

Game on


great thanks! :slight_smile:


Does anyone know, how much experience you need to get to the next level?


Click on your level in the upper left corner. The next screen says where you are, and what you need.


Yes of course but how much do you need to get from level 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.
With this information you can calculate how many dinos you have to upgrade to level up and get more DNA for each dart.