Experience at level 50 not leveling up

At level 50 my experience is full and crossed the required amount. But, it is still showing level 50, not updating to 51, is any problem at between level 50 and 51!
-screenshot edited-

Hey Sri_Shesha_Sai_Bingi, I believe you have reached the maximum level. :sweat_smile:

Your support key is showing in the picture, you may want to fix that. @krish

Is the team considering increase the maximum level? In almost all other games, there won’t be a cap for level so the player is always motivated to gain experience even in the absence of rewards. I’m not sure what Ludia gains by imposing this restriction.

Many complained about the roster space and so far we haven’t heard back from the team regarding this either. The number of all unique dragons in the game is 173 while the maximum space is 150. It’s bit sad that even Ludia wants us not hold those 23 dragons at the same time. Why bother create more dragons and awesome animation then if you couldn’t even hold them in your hands? Does this make sense? Can we get a reply on this?


Hey Eric_Hubdud, I can definitely pass your feedback along to our team.

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Appreciate it! You are the few who have always been sensible.


Ludia should work faster but coronavirus everywhere