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Experience support for new chars

New characters currently do not entice players due to the issue around levelling them. I last bought Pikel 4 months ago and he is still not in my arena team at L15. We need methods to address this if you wish to sell characters or make players excited.

Options include:-

  1. New characters start 2 levels below your max char
  2. Allow players to hoard spellbooks and allow them to stack to unlimited amounts for experience so that guild rallies can effectively power level
  3. New heroes are given innate xp buffs of 300% for a month or until 2 levels below your max hero
  4. Allow chests and dungeons to drop experience pots which can be hoarded for new char release

Several of these might make players happier to expand their hero pool. You should also look at some manner of controlling dungeon rewards by selecting a reward pool similar to your roster. Otherwise a 7% chance of rewards with over 12 heroes is also another reason not to recruit another hero to dilute your chances.



Of course that was one of the objections players had with Joppa. I got him free and a huge amount of commons. Newer players didn’t get as much loot and were upset.

Interestingly, while the commons leveled him immediately, it didn’t solve the level issue. He is still low and I am faced with leveling rares and epics starting from zero or needing to collect many, many, many hundreds of commons. And, of, course, all commons are not a very good load out skill wise. As the rares and epics get swapped in, strength wise he isn’t improving much at all. Same with Jar.

I like the idea of accelerated xp. Perhaps character specific spell books would be an option. But level is a poor measure of strength. A level gives about as much of an increase in strength as leveling a piece of gear once.

Leveling weapons one doesn’t use just to level the character for the sake of it is a poor use of gold imo. If it’s there I will take it, but using gold for that instead of buying good legendaries is a poor trade. I guess if someone is buying lots of gold it doesn’t matter. It’s their money. For me, I’m thinking of the next 3 legendaries I want without buying gold.