Experienced/seasoned players

People that have been around for a while which Dino’s do you regret leveling and which do you wish you did sooner?


Dimetrodon and there are a bunch I wish I never leveled :sweat_smile:

I have a few overlevelled that were useful at the time (Stegosaurus L20, Einiasuchus L21, Tarbosaurus L19, and Tanycolagreus L20) but a few inexplicable ones: Euoplocephaleus L18 - why!?!, Sarcosuchus L17, Stygimoloch Gen 2 L17 and Diplocaulus L16. Also Monolometrodon L18 (failed experiment - should have focussed on Ankylocodon as a general purposer). Oh to have the coins back.

Also two “accidents” at L16 when I should have stopped at L15: Kentrosaurus, Ouranosaurus :rage:

@Kodiakhunter1 - what level is your Dimetrodon? Needs to be a 20 to unlock a hybrid.

Dime is almost to a 14 and all has been going toward posti who is on hold. Tryo is a 20 and I have almost 1000 bary so it is hard to work on magna for sure.

Ah I see - Baryonyx and Irritator are my limiting factors so I have a L20 Dimetrodon with plenty to spare for its hybrids.

i love allisinosaurus but i should’ve completed utahsino and utarhinex first. i leveled ouran up to 18 before it got its hybrid.

A DNA converter would be nice, for a fee of course lol!

I go back and forth with sino dna thanks to indecision :rofl:

I don’t regret leveling any of them…some work great for a while, then a different dino takes its place on your team, and they’re great too. I plan to create all of them eventually, whether I use them on my team or not, because dinosaurs.

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Stegocera. Shouldnt have taken it as gar as i did. Ditto for trago. And mega.

Not because any of them are bad, but when my trqm outgrew them (simply due to the nature of locals and life being busy) i tried unsuccessfully to catch them up. This resulted in a lot of lost coin.

i regret not leveling gorgosuchus sooner. sat at 16 for so long and apparently i had enough DNA to get it to 25 which is enough to rip most things apart in one shot.

i do cry every time i see my lvl 19 ouranosaurus (with no dilo unique) and my lvl 21 einosaurus which i have no explanation for :sob:

Sorry, lol, lvl 21 einosaurus!?!

:blush: yes… the only 1/1 dino in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
need proof? don’t get jelly (it’s almost 22)

Wow, at least it shows your enthusiasm! :rofl::sob:

it was early in the game when coins seemed endless and i wanted to level something to get a 1-time offer incubator :thinking: :confused: :sob:

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My eino is a 20 lol, don’t feel bad, he did his job well, got promoted and then fired is all.

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My level 30 crocasaurus! My level 29 dingus! And the worst of all my 28 bullcrapasuchus!

Basically at this moment I am fully upset at everything I leveled in the last week because allot I did specifically to get to game level 20 and get the level up offer that glitched and now I would love to take it all back!

I don’t regret any of them. I play to collect dinosaurs. I level them up so that I can level up. Why regret?