Expert Be The Boss Trial (Ardentismaxima)

Really? No Ardentis DNA? Not even just 10? Other of these towers will give 200 specific epic.

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It’s not a creature strike, though. Those strikes which give 200 Epic DNA are typically labelled “Megalotops Strike,” or “Megistotherium Strike,” etc. This strike replaced the normal Sunday golden incubator strike with events, so it’s going to hand out event DNA. It’s honestly easier than the normal golden incubator, too (it’s one creature that’s easily burnt down with DoT), and with the Maxima dart opportunity today, I’m fine with it not handing out Maxima DNA.


Yea, that was just the normal trial. Also if you use scorp g3 it’s a easy W

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Poor, me didn’t have it in range


Me too.wortwortwort

Hi ow did you do 10k bleed?

This was so ez, i used a thyla and 2 turned it

I used a level 22 suchotator and a dimidactylus level 15 and it was easy

Daryx - Swoop to Dimodactyl (dies) - Daryx - Swoop to Vexus.
Just bled it. No direct attack.

My level 7 alt account beat this with a spino into any group creature :rofl: