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Expert finally ends the spinoff v rex debate

Long but a great read


Interesting one, thank you

I thought that after the new discovery, it couldn’t defend itself.

Kinda like an aardvark or an anteater. Aardvarks have their own niches, but nothing messes with them. It’s not outlandish to find lion skulls covered in aardvark clawmarks

I think every animal has the capacity to defend itself when necessary but spino wouldn’t have done well if it came to blows. Although Carchar was Trex sized its skull was less robust and it wasn’t quite as bulky overall, rexy would be way too much for a spino

However, one swipe would definitely cause a predator to back down. And in a hot environment like Africa, this could cause infection that could lead to death

Ultimately these animals would’ve given each other a wide berth unless food sources were scarce and they were in direct competition but there’s really not much chance of Spinosaurus could take a Trex if you got right down to it. I read a lot about dinosaurs as a child and knew JP exaggerated Spino even when I was young, ruined the movie for me

I always liked the jurassic park 3. Jurassic Park 2 was the one that disappointed me.

his tail was missing, with that thing you can sweep a Procerathomimus with one blow XD

Well, kindoff confirmed what we all knew, the trex is probably the strongest (carnivor) opponent a spino could face and it wouldn’t fare well against it, especially the trex bullkness allowing it to ram opponents would hurt the spino considering if it falls on the side it would brake its sale which is connected to its spine. RIP spino

I was reading the new description of Spinosaurus and adapted it for a new version in the game, what do you think?

Spinosaurus (2020)

Life: 4200
Damage: 900
Speed: 110
Armor: 20%

  • Pinning Strike

  • Dig In

  • Overwhelming Escape: Reduces opponent’s damage by 75% for two turns, auto swap, cooldown: 3 turns, reload: 1 turns


  • Immune to Distraction

  • On Escape, Ready to Fight: Increases your damage by 50% and gains Shield for 2 turns.

  • Accurate Counterattack: damage x 1, Ignore cloak or evasion.

Strong against: Piroraptor, Dracorex and Ornithomimus.

Weak against: Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus Gen 2 and Carbodemys

Lol… I love it… but I think it may be a bit too weak. If you read the article they think it may have reared up to look bigger and used its claws for defense, maybe it should get a new move set based on intimidating its opponent

the damage is low because it is specially designed to fight with dinosaurs like Procerathomimus, this version can easily defeat it in 2-3 turns

but if the damage seems too low, you could change your Dig In ability to:

  • Warning: reduces your opponent’s damage by 50% during one turn and increases his own by 50% during two turns.

but he will have to change his On Escape ability for the one that has Titanoboa Gen 2, so he would maintain a certain balance