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Expert lockdown trial

Does anyone have any tips for this? Besides having a ridiculously over-leveled dino, I don’t know what would even work.
Edit: lvl 24 puratasaurus wasn’t even close… Lvl 17 sarco wrecked it. Wow

Try sarcorixis. i used a lv 20 (no boosts) and it soloed it. It’s faster than all of the opponent dinos and cant be slowed.

Yeah, Rixis on the whole is busted, and I think even a lvl 15 could take on the trial.

i first tried the trial with Purolyth thinking its high damage and almost full health heal would help me. Not in the slightest. just too slow to do anything.

Don’t forget the Rend Resistance.

i usually get by with level 18+ monomoletrodon (boosted), Indom (not boosted), allosino (not boosted), sarco (not boosted)

Is this the Titanoboa Strike Event that’s supposed to be there? I don’t have it nearby or anywhere on the horizon.

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Low distribution for both epic strikes. Had to drive a bit before finding them

yeah same i cant find it either

I got one next to me the snake one anyway

You mean there’s supposed to be 2?

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yep. a lockdown trial and the Titanoboa master strike. The boa strike is 2 days.


Yeah, was out for a total of 4 hours driving around before I found either of the epic strikes. It was just plain ridiculous.


Finally found both after a ton of driving around. They were ridiculously rare, too much competition for spawns I guess. If it wasn’t Sunday I would’nt have found either.