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Expert Wheel and Primary Wheel ? + Modded PVP

I have observed that PVP(regular) has the following wheels:-

But modded PVP is only:-


I have some suggestions to make Modded wheels more interesting:-

Novice wheel:- Rajastega replaced with Nundagosaueus,Spinoraptor with Carnoraptor,Diplotator with Limnorhynchus and the 2 legendaries with Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus

Intermediate:- Novice wheel without food and a Common Killers Pack and Rare Rouges Pack is added.

Advanced:- The current wheel without food

Elite:- Micro S DNA pack from the advanced wheel is replaced with a better S DNA pack (something in between which has around 35 each Card) and higher LP,Legendary Lineup and Super Slayers Pack is added.

This is not the right place my friend

Looks like the message is absent after the flag,at least I cannot see it from my device .

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It’s gone for good I think.

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I’d just be happy if Aquatic PvP Modded yielded Aquatic dinos instead of Jurassic ones.

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That would be nice,but I would have had maybe a Megalodon or something instead of my 3rd Rajastega if that was the case.

A 3rd rajestega !!! Man, you are a carnivore dude!

Yes Indeed! I am a carnivore,eagerly waiting to eat your Parks dinosaurs,

Yours Sincerely,

Ooo . Runnnn. Park Dinos are in dangerrrrrrr.

Your Sincerely,

Just wait until we have an Aquatic Tournament.

I’m guessing you haven’t put much effort into it?

Sure, you should get Jurassic finishing in Dominator safely first. After that… Aquatic is next. But all of the dinos take so much DNA and have such a long hatch time. :frowning:

True , aquatics are mainly trade fodder for me,they have excellent LP value in the trade harbour.

I read that in the gaming beavers childish flaffy voice.

Yes. U r rit