Explain how dino days is working now? Been gone missed something?


I noticed last week was different I found out how it was working but now another change how’s this working now could someone explain please lol I feel like a noob all over again :grimacing:



To repeat @torque from “2nd week of July showcase” thread:

"Seems the sequence of events has been changed for this week too.
3 days (Total 36 attempts) for 3 Commons: Tarbosaurus, Ankylosaurus Gen2, Apatosaurus
3 days (Total 15 attempts) for 3 Rares: Argentinosaurus, Amaragasaurus, Nodosaurus
1 day (Total 3 attempts??) for 1 Epic/Hybrid: Nodopatosaurus "

So in other words, Nodopatosaurus and Gigaspikasaur are the primary “focus dinosaurs” for the week.


In terms of the event or just general Dino spawnings? Nice to see you again btw Dino lord!


The 7 days of Dino’s has 3 different Dino’s spawning for today? I’m wondering how they have changed the days of Dino’s from when they first started where there was one dino per day with a certain amount of chances.

How is the 7 days of Dino’s working now .



Thanks @Katja for the quick reply!!



I don’t think it would be 3 attempts at the epic would be increased like the rest or staying the same as originally done? I think 6 would be fair but I’m no one they won’t listen lol :joy:

DinoLord out!! :grin::+1::canada: