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Explain ludia


Can someone explain how the hybrid of giraffitatian is even WORSE then the ingredient??? I mean… why doesn’t it have that crit chance and also the rampage!?


At least it has good armor, until that 40% defense is used against an armor piercer or defense shattering creature


I’ve been wondering about that hybrid. I like girafetitan alot. I would love to level him up. But the hybrids are supposed to be better. On paper it looks good but I’ve heard nothing positive about it past "only slightly less useless "


Remember now it selling health and critical chance but you get more armour and 1 more speed.


And losing attack too.


Because in the current meta, offense is much more important than defense, so nodato is not as good. At least if I have an offensive heavy Dino on the field, the opponent will be harder to swap in a counter to take damage, but nodopato, I can safely switch in a Rex and kill it.


Best part is the swap in!
It’s so powerful to play with.
And to set up the chompers with the ”Bellow” !

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I’d also like to throw my hat in the ring :tophat: on the side of NodoPadoTitan. I’ve leveled mine to 20 and am tempted to keep going sheerly out of spite. This Dino deserves a LOT of love.

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Explain Ludia? Hmm not sure I can. Not even sure what a “Ludia” is… Is that the CEO’s wifes name or something? Odd name for a software company.

/sarcasm off :wink:

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I just noticed that whatever you’ve got a screenshot of has classified NPT as “apex” tier. They can’t be serious. Gotta be a typo.

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I like it but its useless instead I’m levelling Giraffa/Brachio which are much better.

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My humble opinion is to not spend coins/dna on sauropods (longnecks) for now… meta is completely against them atm with all the bleeders and chompers lol just wait until they decide to “balance” things again and/or decide to have a new unique sauropod :grin::+1:
I do hope theyre useful someday haha actually i hope all dinosaurs become useful in someway or another… and it seems like ludia is trying to do that, because it will keep on forcing us to choose which path to go with our coins and dna instead of everyone at endgame having the same 5-6 dinos in a “winning” team lol

Anyways… :sweat_smile:


Maybe in next update will come imunne Sauropod