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Explain me this

  1. Step can press an attack against a turtle as diplo
  2. Had to restart the game in the middle of a battle
  3. Loosing my creature and has to pick my turtle against another turtle
  4. Don’t know how after killing the enemy turtle the game gives me the opción to choose other creature to switch
  5. Carbonemis becomes Carbosaurrus… please don’t tell me that it is a conection problem. Carbosaurrus is the carbonemys whit purussaurus attacks…
  1. Step CAN’T press any attack (correction)
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I had same problem. Had something else on the field, game said I brought out Purussaurus and gave me its attacks. I restart, there’s just my Brachi sitting there doing nothing.

I occasionally get that problem. Have no idea why

Recently i got this one, the enemy just stay like that

Sorry to hear about this, @LIED. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at Please remember to include your support key, device information, as well as the date and time the series of battles took place in, as these will help with the investigation.

Thank you!