Explain nodopatotitan buff?

I’m a little confused about the additions to nodopatotitan this update? Says his hp was increased to 5100 at lv 26 but his current hp at 26 is 5250… so is this a typo or am I missing something about the buffs?

The buff takes place once the 1.5 update drops.

I understand that but I’m confused as to how he’s being buffed/nerfed?

I, for one, hope to God it was a nerf. Something had to be done about these menaces. :expressionless:

*Of course I’m only joking. I think the buff has to do with one of its attack’s that is getting a change across the board to all dinos with the attack type. Sadly, it won’t be enough to put the nodopadotitan in its rightful place atop the dinosaur tier list. The sauropod revolution is still in the planning stages for now :pirate_flag:


Yeah… I really like nodopatotitans design and I also like how he’s towering over u when he enters a battle. But unfortunately this patch didn’t give him the changes he needed to be usable

Which is a shame considering the somewhat ‘hype’ nature when it was announced. I really wanted Giraffititan to get something but we basically got a staller which is still way too easy to blow through. If anything gets a unique hybrid in the Sauropod line, it should be this thing. Preferably something with an attack to inherit that ISN’T strictly defense-orientated. None of these sauropods have any teeth on 'em and this is easily the most disappointing version of them all. Like, really, even the incoming buff of speed bumping up to 108 accomplishes…nothing. It’s still ungodly slow, hits like a wet noodle, and 3 slows with a short shield don’t do anything when the counter-attack is at the lowest multiplier bracket. Theoretically it should be an AMAZING staller but the stats and situational niche move pool are too weak to support it.

Anything immune with attacks that ignore armor (and, obviously, shatter shields) walks all over it which is actually a pretty good chunk of pre-existing popular choices, one of which (Tryo) is getting buffed when it was already a strong dinosaur in its own right.

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Yeah I agree if they won’t buff him just give him a good unique

I have never seen a nodepatotitan. I have not created it and I will not create it and I have never faced one (and possibly I will never face him).

The creation of this creature seemed like a joke in bad taste. After waiting for a time Girafftitan-based hybrid that was made precisely with Nodopatosauro, necessary for Stegodeus (and for Gigaspikasour, another creature that I neither have nor will have) is one of the things that have made me more angry and disappointed in the five months that I’ve been playing this game.

What I do with him, I do not care anymore.

I want Littlefoot’s mom to be the unique. Am I the only one that remembers this?
#Beastmode :pirate_flag:


Oh yeah that movie was one of the good ones

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That how sauropod take care of Rexy :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Heck just make a sauropod rex hybrid