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Explain pvp algorithm

Are you able to explain how pvp match picks are assessed? I keep getting matched against bots and players who are a min +6 levels higher than me? I estimate this has run for over 30 matches in a row. As all my toons are sitting around 11 I find it very frustrating. image

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Level is not really part of the PvP matchup system. It’s based on your trophy rating. You gain rating when you win, you lose rating when you lose. The game matches you with other players who have a similar rating. In general for regular PvP you should expect to win half the time (event PvP purposely pairs you against more difficult opponents, so you win more like a third of the time). If you are regularly facing opponents who are higher level in regular PvP, congratulations, that means you are good at the game.
It’s also worth noting that level is a bad indication of power level in this game since most stats come from gear upgrades, not from levels. So if someone has leveled their characters by grinding rallies, they’ll have lower stats than someone who has focused on leveling gear. A better indicator is to look at an opposing character’s hit points and compare them to your corresponding character.


My guess is you’re doing some form of level capping where your true team strength isn’t represented by your hero levels, but that’s just a guess. In my guild for example, one person’s team averages about 2-3 levels below my team across the board. But I’m pretty sure his team is stronger than my by a measurable margin.


If you mean level capping by not being able to afford to level up 2 toons from 11-12 because I’m poor… then I guess you hit the nail on the head. Thanks again

Normal PvP and event Pvp are quite different. Event PvP matches someone’s Current trophies to your highest ever trophies and normal PvP is both players current trophies within a few hundred. It was set up to try and help the Rampant tanking of trophies ppl would do in regular PvP to drop their current trophies and mess up the old event matchmaker by sand bagging and tricking the event match maker to give them battles way below their abilities and get easy wins all while ruining normal PvP by intentionally losing and giving Normal PvP boring matches. So Now if you do your best to climb the ladder of arenas and increase your Highest trophies count you get Punished in PvP events with much harder battles with ppl closer or above your Highest trophies ever score regardless of what your current trophies are. What makes this even worse is when an event happens right after a PvP league reset. It resets all our current trophies and lumps a ton of players all back down to burnt bone or Labyrinth and the only ppl left at Current trophies that match your Highest trophies were 2 if not 3 leagues higher than you were so your event match ups at reset are ridiculous. Lots of ppp have figured out the game punished your event Match ups from doing well in normal PvP. And so they don’t push leagues when they should. They only go up to Labyrinth or Underdark the last week of the PvP season to get 3 chests in a month and keep their PvP event Match ups manageable. You can’t even really blame them for it cause it’s Ludia’s Ludicrous Event matchmaker that punishes us for Trying to progress into higher leagues…

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This is of course after 1 attack ( I did have 1 attack as well, for what it’s worth

Thanks @TheChuck and @Blazenkks for your thorough explanations. I guess it’s just best to only use pvp for quest completion and use hero capping as @CPXZ suggested. So when it comes to an event there’s actually a chance I may get an item reasonably.

@Tassthewarrior looks like we’re all in the same boat! I have a feeling our match went the same way as your match up with bubba!

FYI, gold is pretty easy to get in this game. Get into a guild with active gifting culture. Sell gear you don’t use, don’t upgrade gear you don’t use. XP is the easiest resource to get in the game, you’ll max out on XP long before gold, gems, or gear. Various books, etc. You should be swimming in gold before long. No one should really have to spend gems to get gold.

Besides the mismatches the constant misses on my part while my opponents hit critical hits every 3rd hit ) or every hit when down to 1 character) but yet my characters never seems to receive those rolls or engage those abilities is another aspect of great frustration! I’ve had level 11-12 elf, (and weaker characters) take out 3 level 14-16 characters because they constantly hit 6-7 x their critical hits and special abilities. I can say after over a year playing I’ve had that happen for me no more than 5 times!

After reading some comments I decided to investigate the pvp event matching theories. My toon has a max level of 730 trophies. Yet I was matched with players whose max level were at the 2k level. Any devs want to comment on this?

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I don’t think I need to post anymore examples to make my point about the mismatch issue.

I just want to throw in 1 more element in the PvP matchups - streaks. In a prior thread or announcement, it was said your current streak also affects who is chosen as an opponent. Win 3+ matches in a row, you’re supposed to face harder opps. Lose a match or more (I don’t know how long a losing streak is necessary) and you get weaker opps. Definitely true in my recent experience.

Of course, this leads to an obvious cheating strategy for events. Win an event battle, drop back into regular battle, intentionally lose a few battles (which also drops your trophy count), and go back into the event. I tested it just enough to verify it works. My goal for the game is not to win over other players playing the way it’s intended by taking advantage of poor programming. I’ll play and lose honestly.

On a final point, with fewer people playing the game, I am noticeably fighting bots more often. Correspondingly, because of streak matching the bots also get adjusted.

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Pvp is so broken. I’ve just played 6 games against players who were their best selves. All hit critical hits and their characters special abilities. I even counted 1 game where I missed 5 hits in game. The 6 games the opponent only missed once!

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My team 19,19,19,20
Theirs 11,11,11,11

My post (above) was merged into this thread and thus somewhat buried.
This is very extreme - a 9’level difference in character levels in pvp

PvP remains quirky. Continue to be matched against higher level characters (6 versus 9 and 10). And even though some are not as developed with upgraded equipment, some attributes such as a 3 zone hit potential combined with Sev who can push your team back, you just get picked off trying to advance within striking range. It’s over pretty quickly. And, since the recent game update, if you just leave the game early b/c of that, you are penalized with “error” messages when you try and sign back in.

Even if you upgrade your gear more than other players, the attribute increase per level is a significant difference and advantage.