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Explain pvp algorithm

Yep, the “miss” seems to be programmed into the game. Most of my misses come at a critical time where the hit would have decided the outcome.

So close to quitting the app. I love the app except for the pvp aspect. The unequal play due to gear/ weapons I don’t believe. I’ve played this game foe over a year and the amount of times lower levels and geared players hit critical and engage aspects va the limited amounts that I do ( and now misses) is beyond ridiculous!

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That’s a misnomer right there. The issue is many fold in that the higher level toons are many times equipped with upgraded gear as well. Add to that, the basic improved attribute advantage of leveling, the match ups are unbalanced. Trophy count is irrelevant, or should be, as a major indicator, as much as it is earned, it can be taken away (with losses). It’s not fun to lose an extremely unbalanced match. Better to lose on close matches, one in which strategy, and a little luck, come into play.

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