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Explain this one?!


So first round of a battle, I send out a level 21 stegoceratops (speed 115) and my opponent has a level 24 stegodus (speed 107) I hit first with a slowing impact (as is tradition) and my opponent hits me with a thagomizer. Now these two moves both reduce speed by 50% each, however somehow my opponent managed to go before me and kill my poor little Dino with APR… Can anyone please explain how he did that?


Firstly Stegoceratops has 110 not 115.

Anyway, not that that makes a difference. This is a known bug that Ludia chooses to ignore, hence it wasn’t noted on their recent patch notes.


IMO its whoever deals the last slowdown move that gets priority next time, even if the math disagrees.

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i guess first move is always guarenteed if its a fresh not swapped in dino. so yeah the last move gets priority


although ive noticed this can happen throughout the match especially with ss. so it must be a bug.


Next time start with the 10% stun. It’s a small gamble but worth it should the stun work. And you know how the RNG goes… 10% works more than the 33 or 75 lol. Even if the stun doesn’t work, you can now use slowing impact last and gain speed priority back.

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50% of 110 is 55. 50% of 107 is 53.5. Opinions in math don’t really matter much.

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